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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Remembrance: The Brave Nigerian Soldiers Being Captured And Unfortunately Executed By The ISWAP(Videos)

Some Of The Brave Nigerian Soldiers Who Were Being Captured And Unfortunately Executed By ISWAP.

According to one of the soldier who shared the post in remembrance of them, wrote: "Tuesday propaganda Video of #ISIS Wilayat Gharb Ifriqiyā #ISWAP titled "Kill them where ever you find them".

We shall not be posting much of the clip but some few minutes for research, investigative and analysis purpose".

NB: Thread ≠ Support of the Terrorists.

"Some of the Nigerian Soldiers captured by #ISWAP during the Jan raid on MNJTF Base in Baga.
The brave soldiers were unfortunately executed.

Isaac Adefisan 353 Artt. Reg. 81 Div Africa Shedrack 2Bde garrison 6 Div Uyo Adamu Isa 211 Armored Demonstration Batt Bauchi /1".
"Scorpion light Tank crewman Yusuf Musa 221 Tank Battalion Kainji was captured in the 119 TF Batt Metele attack in Nov 2018.Cpl Musa layed down his life when the Takfir group executed him via a close range RPG grenade fire at him because #ISWAP took heavy casualties via his Tank".
"Marine Police officer Auwal Bala of Borno police Department Civilian vigilantes CJTF volunteers Auwal & Grema Bala. They were captured by the Takfir group at Doron Baga January 26 2019".
"The brave cop and brave volunteer youths were executed by gunshot to the head.Nigerian Naval Sailors and a local contractor were captured by the terrorist group #ISWAP at Fish Dam Lake Chad 26 January 2019.

They sailors and the civilian paid the supreme sacrifice".

This brought some mixed emotions and reactions, see here. Colwems
@columbusenwerem. Replying to @DonKlericuzio and @The_Jonathanian
"This thread will make you weep for Nigeria😭"

@muyiwa85939471 Replying to 
@DonKlericuzio "This is tough to watch.
Big sigh😢👴"

Ahmed Adeyemi
@wale_of_pluto Replying to 
@DonKlericuzio 'proudly serving Nigerian army' he said. "Deeply touching, Nigeria failed them while they were proud of it till last moment".

See Reactions Here, Watch The Video After Cut,

If you don't have mind please don't watch, this video is very touching..

More below..

More videos below..

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