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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Meet Nene Nwayo Age, Biography , Career And Actress(Video)

Upcoming Nollywood Actor, Nene who is trying to break into Nollywood cries out due to much sexual harassment.

In an interview with BBC, Nene said "I've had quite a lot of sexual advances, for jobs."

Nene Nwayo is a young actor trying to make it in Nollywood, but is regularly having to deal with sexual harassment at auditions.

She said , Audition she thought were closed auditions and i got there i realized that this person actually just wanted to have sex with me and give me the job.

Nene, disclosed that, They kept saying how they have made other celebrities. That this is what other celebrities did to get to where they are.

That if wanted to get to that point that i should had to do the same thing.

Nene shocked BBC when she said, In my career, I have experienced between 10-15 times sexual harassment. Watch the video and see how she is getting job.
Watch The Video⤵

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