A 'drunken' couple were filmed throwing punches during a vicious brawl on an airport shuttle bus after reportedly guzzling alcohol on a flight to Alicante.

Shocking footage shows the pair pummeling each other, rolling around on the floor and screaming in front of horrified holidaymakers following the Ryanair flight from Birmingham

The woman and man - alleged to be a new couple - take turns to throw a barrage of punches as fellow passengers try to separate them on the bus to Alicante's arrivals terminal at around 10pm local time.

Another clip shows the pair grabbing on to the metal poles as they try to fight, before the man pins her to the window and punches her several times in the head.

According a witness said they couple had flown to the Spanish resort to enjoy a holiday together, despite being in a 'very fresh relationship'.

The passenger who filmed the brawl described the incident as 'embarrassing', adding they acted like 'typical Brits abroad'.

'We think that they had gotten drunk on the flight over to Alicante, and then things had just exploded on the shuttle bus,' she told the publication.

'I think they were having a domestic that got so heated it became violent, and that one of them just touched a nerve - I think she lashed out first.

'We have no idea what they had argued about, but when it kicked off things escalated so quickly we couldn't imagine what had been said.'

It is believed the police were called, however it is not clear if further action was taken.

Passengers claimed to have seen the man run off the bus before sitting alone in the arrival terminal.

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