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Biography/Real Name:
Who is Abike Arab Money? Abike Arab Money also known as "Papaya Ex" is a beautiful Nigerian model, actress, tv personality, youtuber and social media influencer. Abike is currently one of the most popular social media influencer in Nigeria and her stock continues to rise. She recently launched her YouTube channel where she interviews celebrities and so many others.

Abike was rumored to be heading for 2020 BBNaija season 5, but she wasn't among the first twenty to be introduced, who knows if she might still be Introduced. If she eventually enters into the BBnaija house without doubt it will give her career a massive boost.

Date of Birth, Birthday, Age:
How old is Abike Arab Money? Abike Arab Money was born on the 9th day of January. Her age as well as her birth year is not known.

Stage of Origin, Home Town:
Where is Abike Arab Money from? Abike Arab Money a.k.a Papaya ex is a Nigerian currently based in Lagos state.

Family, Parents, Siblings and Childhood:
Papaya ex  doesn't flaunt her family on social media, she keeps that aspect private.

Marriage, Wedding, Husband:
Is Abike Arab Money? Abike Arab Money is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or fiancĂ© on her instagram or twitter page.

Abike Arab Money Boyfriend:
Who is Abike Arab Money dating, boyfriend, fiance? Abike Arab Money is currently dating a handsome dude but the beautiful Instagram star doesn't show off her boyfriend on her social media accounts.

Her Career:
She is an Instagram influencer, promoter, tv host and self proclaim actress. She recently launch her YouTube channel as a way to expand her career.

Instagram Page:
Abike Arab Money is an Instagram sensation with a huge numbers of followers both on Instagram and twitter. See profile handle @Papaya_ex

Net Worth:
Papaya ex is rated one of the most richest and influential Instagram star. Her net worth have not been estimated. (Check back for update).

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