Everything You Need To Know About Billionaire Businessman Obi Cubana: His Wife, Children, Net Worth, House, Cars, Phone Number, Mansions, Real Name, Biography, Wikipedia, Date of Birth, Age, Birthday, State of Origin, Tribe, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Burial, Education, Career, Baby Mama, Married, Height, Weight, Instagram, Twitter, Pictures, and Lots of More.

The name Obi Cubana has been trending on major social media platforms in the country and offline over the past few days.

This is owing to the extravagant spending displayed during his mother’s burial on the 16th of July 2021, in Oba, Anambra state.

Before his mother’s burial, many Nigerians, except for those conversant with entertainment, clubbing, among others, may not know who he is.

In fact, some Nigerians have been raising eyebrows as to the source of his wealth after seeing the lavish display of money at his mother’s burial, not just by Cubana but also by his friends and associates.

This article will give you more details of who Obi Cubana really is.

Real Full Name Obi Iyiegbu
Popular As Obi Cubana
Date of Birth April 12, 1975
Age 46 Years Old (as of 2021)
State of Origin Anambra State
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Christianity
Wife Ebele Iyiegbu (Lush Eby)
Children Four (4) Sons
Occupation Businessman • Entrepreneur
Net Worth $100,000,000 dollars

Biography and Wiki:
Who is Obi Cubana? Obi Cubana whose real name is Obinna Iyiegbu widely and fondly known by many as Obi Cubana is a popular Nigerian Based businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, entertainer and a show killer, he is the founder, chairman and the owner of the popular Cabana groups

Date of Birth and Age:
How old is Obi Cubana? Obi Cubana was born April 12, 1975, and he is currently 46 Years Old as of this year 2021.

Obi Cubana Birthday:
Obinna Iyiegbu best known as Obi Cubana celebrates his birthday every year on April 12. The billionaire, Obi Cubana celebrated his 46th birthday on April 12, 2021.

State of Origin, Hometown:
Which state is Obi Cubana from? Obi Cubana originally from a popular community called Ova, in Demili-South Local Government Area in Anambra State, in the south-eastern part of Nigeria, Africa.

Family, Parents and Siblings:
Obi Cubana was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Iyiegbu in Oba. Obi Cubana is the fourth child and last son of his parent. Obi Cubana has four siblings; two elder brothers named Chu and Ike Iyiegbu. His elder sister is Adaeze Moore, while his younger sister is called Binky.

Obi Cubana’s Mother Burial:
His mother’s burial which took place on the 16th of July 2021, will be the point of discussion for a long time, not just in Aba or Anambra but also in Nigeria.

This is owing to the lavish spending which took place during the party. Obi Cubana received over 200 cows aside from other cash gifts worth millions for his mother’s burial.

The event brought the village of Oba to the limelight.

Cubana lost his mother in 2020, to keep her in his memory, he got her immortalised with a pendant and neckpiece worth $100,000.

While the burial is being rated as one of the most lavish in the country, there are some disagreements in some quarters as some said the burial ceremony of famous billionaire Mike Adenuga’s mother in 2005 was greater.

The Nightlife entrepreneur was said to have gotten 346 Cows, 72 Goats, 20 Rams for Mother’s Burial, Mr. Obinna Iyiegbu has not stopped receiving gifts from his friends, employees, and those he has supported through life, It was earlier reported that Obi got 46 cows from his former employee Cubana Chiefpriest and 10 cows from his old time friend and young billionaire Jowi Zaza.

Educational Background:
Obi Cubana is educated as he went to Central Primary School, where he bagged his First School Leaving Certificate. He attended Dennis Memorial Grammar School, where he had his Senior School Leaving Certificate.

He then gained admission to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

His Career:
The Night Life boss started his career in 2006 after he founded a Club called Ibiza Club in Abuja to entertain fun-seekers.

He had massive success with Ibiza club and went ahead to established Cubana, a hospitality club founded to give all-round entertainment and fun, in 2009.

Cubana club started in Owerri, Imo State, but today Obi has been able to spread its reach across various states in the country, including Lagos, Abia and Enugu.

While Obi is the chairman of Cubana Group, one of his close associate is Paschal Okechukwu, also known as Cubana Chief Priest, who is the General Manager of Cubana, Owerri and others.

Obi in a recent statement also revealed he has plans to establish Cubana Dubai and Cubana Real Estate.

Below are the names and location of his establishments;

Pablo Cubana in Lagos
Crave Cubana in Abuja
Grand Cubana Hotels in Abuja
Opium Cubana in Owerri
Cubana Night Clubs in Lagos
Gustavo Cubana in Enugu

Obi Cubana Awards:
Obi Cubana has won several awards and recognition across the country, it is expanding its reach across Nigerian borders and also outside Nigeria. Some awards Obi Cubana have been won includes;

  • Democracy Heroes Award 2018 as Democracy Entrepreneur of the year.

  • The RightVille School special leadership Award, May 2017

  • Ghana-Nigeria Achievers Award 2017 as Inspiring Personality Award, 2017

  • Northern Nigeria Peace Summit/Award 2017 as Northern Nigeria Peace Builder of the year 2017

  • Nigeria Film corporation Entertainment as Icon Award 2017

  • Young Entrepreneur of the year 2016

Married, Wife and Children:
Is Obi Cubana married? Obi Cubana got married to his beautiful wife, Ebele Iyiegbu who is a Lawyer by profession, in 2008, and their marriage was blessed with four wonderful sons. Lush Eby calls herself the mother of boys. Obi Cubana is married to Ebele Iyiegbu who is the founder and owner of the KIEK foundation, a non-governmental organization established with the aim of improving the lives of the less privileged children in our society through quality education, healthcare, nutrition, and child’s rights governance.

Obi Cubana Instagram Page:
Obi Cubana is a celebrity billionaire and social media sensation with a large numb if followers. Obi Cubana is only on Instagram with a Verified Instagram handle @Obicubana and has over 1.2million followers. He is neither on Twitter nor Facebook.

His Height and Weight:
How tall is Obi Cubana? Obi Cubana stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 75 kg.

Cubana’s Net Worth 2021:
Obi Cubana is currently one of the richest and the most influential personalities, entertainers, show promoters, and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.
Obi Cubana is very wealthy when it comes to affluence. According to official documents, his net worth is estimated to be $100 million US dollars.

Obi Iyiegbu's estate, including his various cars and businesses, are all worth millions of dollars. He is a person who can buy any luxury he desires, thanks to his success with the Cubana Group, a well-organized professional entertainment company.

Obi Cubana Cars:
Two Lexus LX (from ₦36.6 million):
Obi and his wife each has one, and this is the vehicle they use for family vacations. It is a comfortable, spacious SUV with the following characteristics.

With a dominant stance and eye-catching LED lighting, the LX governs with elegance and grace. A 5.7-litre V8 with 403 lb-ft of torque 3 adds to the power behind the distinction.

For enhanced protection and peace of mind, the LX provides a bird's-eye view of the vehicle's surroundings with some mechanical specifications as follows: Towing capacity: 7,000 lbs, MPG: 12 City / 16 highways, Dimensions: 200″ L x 78″ W x 75″ H and Horsepower: 383 hp

Mercedes-Benz 4matic S40 (From ₦38 Million):
This is Obi Cubana's personal vehicle; he is frequently seen driving it, and he claims that he enjoys it because it's so simple.

The S450 4Matic is the same as the standard S450, but with all-wheel drive and without the Magic Body Control feature.

This means it can accelerate significantly more quickly, but the trade-off is decreased fuel economy and total comfort.

Range Rover (From ₦26 Million):
The Range Rover has been seen many times with obi Cubana's wife, who drives it to her office as well as other important locations.

It has the preceding features and provides an outstanding sophisticated experience as well as leading Range Rover Sports ability on and off the track.

The Range Rover Sport PHEV accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.3 seconds and goes on to a maximum speed of 137 mph.

Rolls-Royce Phantom (From ₦176 Million):
The Phantom is particularly well suited to wafting when allowing delicate throttle and turning inputs. It's an understatement to say the trip is smooth; imagine being pulled around on a fluffy cloud.

The Phantom virtually floats above the lane, thanks to a pothole-spotting camera that aids the suspension's real-time adaptation to road imperfections.

It's a sensory-deprivation cocoon reminiscent of a bookstore that leaves you feeling like a member of the Royal Family.

A silky 563-hp twin-turbo V-12 coupled with an eight-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive delivers massive power.

Obi Cubana Houses:
The Obi Cubana new house is dope. Obinna Iyiegbu has unveiled the interior of his newly built mansion as he recently hosted a tour of the mansion for his close friends. One of the friends who toured the mansion, oil mogul Joseph Ezeokafor, also known as Jowizazaa, went on social media to upload a video of the interior design of the building, which is nearing completion.

There is a private cinema, also an underground wine cellar, a private pool and several other amenities in the mansion.

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