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Black Chully ​Bio, Wiki, Facts, Profile Summary

Real Full Name Anizoba Ijeoma Precious 
Stage Name Black Chully Scorpion
Date of Birth September 22, 1999
Age 22 Years Old (as of 2021)
State of Origin Enugu State
Nationality Nigerian
Tribe/ Ethnicity Igbo, Black
Partner, Boyfriend/Girlfriend Bibiano Omomummy
Lesbian Wife, Husband Bibi of Lagos
Occupation Actress, Brand Influencer, Tiktoker, Content Creator
Net Worth $300,000

Biography and Wiki:
Who is BlackChully? Her real full name is Anizoba Ijeoma Precious popularly known as Black Chully Scorpion or Blackchully3 is a Nigerian Tiktoker, social media influencer, actress, comedian, and content creator, who rose to prominence for posting her weird videos on her social media profiles.

The content creator is best known for creating hilarious videos. She has over 2.2 million followers on tiktok profile.

Black Chully never lacks content as she always trills her fans and friends with weird content on all her social media platforms.

Black Chully is currently trending on social media after her leaked video went viral on social me. The content creator, brand ambassador, and actress has since denied leaking the video by herself.

Date of Birth and Real Age:
How old is Black Cbully? Blackchully3 was born on September 22nd, 1999 and she is currently 22 years old as of 2021.

Blackchully3 Birthday:
Black Chully is among Nigerian tiktoker and content creators born in September. Black Chully celebrated her birthday with funny videos on September 22nd, 2021. 

State of Origin, Hometown:
Which state is Black Chully from? It has been trending on social media that Black Chully is from Imo State but that was a fat lie, Black Chully originally hails from Enugu State in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

Black Chully Tribe/Ethnicity:
What tribe is Black Chully? Blackchully is an Igbo and of black in ethnicity and race.

Black Chully Nationality:
Black Chully was born and brought up in Nigeria, this made her to be Nigerian by nationality.

Family, Parents, and Siblings:
Black Chully was born in Enugu state, both her parents are from Enugu State. Although, information about her parents is not available. Details about her father and mother will be updated once are made available. Black Chully has a younger brother who happens to be her only known sibling. Black Chully always shares a video of her and her brother on Instagram.
Black Chully With Her Lookalike Brother 

Educational Background (School):
Black Chully attended her primary and secondary education in Enugu state, both moved to Lagos state where she completed her secondary education and obtained her certificate. Black Chully from her Facebook profile is said to have attended Lagos State University, but this is unverified.

Her Career:
Black Chully is a Nigerian actress, social media influencer, and content creator who began her career some years back.

Black Chully joined the Nollywood movie industry so years ago and acted in her first movie titled "The Destiny" featuring alongside Nollywood stars like Zubby Michael, Odira Nwobu, and Late actor Sam Obiagu. She is known for acting as a bad child in a movie.

Black Chully began posting on TikTok on August 31, 2021, and has surpassed more than two million followers on the TikTok account.

She is a brand influencer and currently an ambassador for many brand products. Black Chully also does music promotional advertisements for people. She is also a video vixen and tweaker.

Black Chully also has a YouTube account where she shares some of her skits videos. She joined YouTube on February 2, 2021, and has over 65, 539 thousand views, with more than 2k subscribers and six videos she has uploaded so far.

Her most viewed video on YouTube is Blackchully unexpected over 39k.

Black Chully is also very active on Instagram where she has more than 218k followers. She also posts some of her skits on her Instagram and she also uses her Instagram page to promote many brands.

Black Chully as she is fondly called is a beautifully endowed and good-looking young girl. She is blessed with curves and never hesitate to flaunt her backside while making videos.

Black Chully is a combination of a tomboy, and she has mostly featured in movies or any comedy skits as the bad girl.

Hairstyle and Tattoo:
Black Chully makes different kind of weird hairstyles with different colors of hair dye and she also has several tattoos on her body. Black Chully is a lover of tattoos that’s why she tattooed herself.

Height and Weight:
How tall is Black Chully? Blackchully stands at the height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs about 58 kg.

Black Chully Leaked Video:
Black Chully's tiktok viral video was shared online where she was seen having some good moment all alone herself. A series of the video posted online was the moment Tiktok and Instagram star was seen making fun with a gigantic d#do while having [email protected] But the actress, comedian, content creator, and tiktoker cry out saying she doesn't know how the video went viral. 

The famous Nigerian TikToker, Black Chully was heartbroken after several of her n∆de videos were leaked online.

Blackchully could not withhold her tears as she wept profusely, and made a live video to address the scandal as her x-rated videos continue to spread on various social media platforms and forums.

In the video, Black Chully said she had no idea how the n¥de videos were being leaked to the public. But some people claimed that is a lie, saying she purposely leaked the video by herself in other to a trend.

Black Chully Lesbian Partner:
Is Black Cbully a lesbian? If yes, who is her partner?  Black Chully is indeed a lesbian she never hides it. She always tags lesbians in her post whenever she made a video on her TikTok page. She also posts sign emojis of lesbians in her on her TikTok page. She is currently dating Bibano Omomummy popularly known as "BIBI OF LAGOS" as a lesbian partner. Black Chully always posts videos and pictures of her partner on her social media profiles. 

Black Chully with lesbian partner Bibi of Lagos

Bibiano Omomummy took to Instagram to sympathize with her loved Blackchully after her n∆de video went viral on social media. 

Bibi of Lagos
wrote: Stay strong my love
Life is full of good and bad so you are facing the bad side now the good side is coming back again but you just have to be very very strong so that you can be alive when the good side comes your way again… I know 💯 percent of your fans 70/30 percent still love you and will stand for you but I need you to be live when the other side is back again….. you will never fall you are born to be blessed and do greater things in life pls kindly forget your past and focus on your future….
You were a freaky girl in your past but now you are a star stored…. Your love once will choose from your past or present me I know your present and I am choosing you as my lovely Friend you are, I am so so sorry for your pain dear take things easy on yourself this time you are passing through is not the end of you and your life everything in this so called life time is a matter of time … is your time to shine pls rise up and be bold and shine on for good 👍 @black_chullyscorpoin

Black Chully Boyfriend/Dating:
Who is Black Chully's boyfriend/dating? This is another question Blackchully fans are asking if she has a boyfriend. Black Chully have so many male friends but none of them is her boyfriend and she is not dating any of them because she is a lesbian.

Engaged, Finance, Spouse:
Is Black Chully engaged? Black Chully is yet to be engaged by her lesbian girlfriend. But hopefully, she will announce being engaged in the future.

Black Chully Married, Husband:
Is Black Chully married, husband? Black Chully is not married nor has a husband at the moment. Black Chully will decide if she will continue living the life of a lesbian or quit and get married to a man.

BlackChully House and Cars:
Black Chully is currently living in a big house in Lagos state, and she also owns a car.

Her Net Worth 2022:
Black Chully is a TikTok star, content creator, and brand ambassador, she is rated among the paid Tiktokers, social media influencers, and content creators in Africa, with an estimated net worth of about $300,000 US dollars.

Black Chully Phone Number:
Blackchully'sy WhatsApp phone number is currently not available for certain reasons, but you can contact her via her social media account below⬇⬇

Social Media Profile:
Black Chully is very active on all the social media platforms where she posts her skit and videos. Black Chully also known as Black Chully Scorpion never left her followers un entertained she always has something to make her followers feel happy. You can follow her below:
Social Media Handles:
YouTube: Black Chully

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