16 Year Old Girl Given Out By Her Parents To A Wealthy 56 Years Old Man(Photo)

A Facebook user Chibuzor Ikeh on Tuesday, January 29, shared several pictures and videos of an elderly man who got married to a 16-year-old girl in Anambra state. She described the man to be around 56-year-old. Ikeh added that the man is very rich while the family of the little girl is poor.

According to her, the family of this girl did not waste time in giving out their daughter’s hand in marriage to the wealthy man. Looking at the video, the girl was made to perform all the traditional marital rites.

She Wrote;
Earlier today I made a post notifying the general public on the evil been melted on a Innocent 16years old girl whom a 56years man picked as a bride and since then the family of the suppose man has never stop threatening me (Screenshot below) but guess what I serve them their juice hot before they block me.
They did not just threatened me they also reported the said post until Mark Zuckerberg ask me to pull it down .

Please find Facebook account of this man family on this screenshot , serve them the kind of meal they have served this Innocent and ignorant little girl, they have also lied that they married the little girl for the man younger brother abroad who is much younger and I ask who would send the elder brother to marry a wife for him and allow her seat on his leg like we have in the picture and videos secondly when the girl was entering the girls compound you can here the villages singing and praising the young man saying he has people and he has money so he has come to pick a bride now I wonder whom they are lying to .

Until this young girl leaves that house please keep sharing the video coz they will only turn the poor girl to sex slave , whereby another man will impregnate her while the man claim the child .

Watch Video below ⤵️

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