Actress Princes Shyngle Blast Her Boyfriend Few Weeks After Buying A Costly Brabus Car For Her(Pics/Video)

“Oga you are mad”.

Actress princes shyngle has blasted her boyfriend for calling him to come and cook for him and his friends, and she refused which have made her boyfriend to stopped picking her call.

Few weeks after her boyfriend bought for her expensive Brabus Car. 

The actress in her post video said, “some men are goats, idiots and donkeys. So you came into my life you said you wanted to date me, that she decided to give you a chance, you decided to buy me a gift expensive gift which i really appreciate when people give you gift you collect. That now Oga think he has right and be giving me command ,says i should come to his house and be cooking for him continental dish,Gambian food and Nigerian food. That I should be cooking for him and his friends that i need to empress him, saying oga you are mad, are you idiot do i look like your mother i will be feeding you and your friends.

That because i refuse to come and cook for you, you refuses to pick up my call and not replying my text messages, that it is his dam business she is not coming to empress any man fuck off”.

She advises ladies saying :

 “Some of you ladies should make sure a man puts a ring on it before he starts enjoying wifey privileges stop cooking 24/7, cleaning, washing like a maid in your boyfriends houses just to impress him and show him that you are a wifey material”.


See below reactions, as people blast Her too

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