Adekunle Olopade BBN: Biography, Religion, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Tribe, Siblings, House, Cars, BBNaija Wife.

Adekunle Olopade BBN: Biography, Religion, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Tribe, Siblings, House, Cars, BBNaija Wife.

In This, You Will Find All You Need To Know About BBN Star, Adekunle Olopade BBNija: His Biography, Real Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Profile, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Wives, Partner, Wedding, Children, Date of Birth, Birthday, State of Origin, Nationality, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Sister, Brother, Career, Education, Height, Weight, Ethnicity, Tribe, House, Cars, Instagram, Twitter, Photos, IG Pictures.

Real Full Name Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade
Stage Name Adekunle Olapade
Date of Birth October 6, 1994
Age 27 Years Old (2021)
State of Origin Lagos State
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Christianity
Parents Mr. and Mrs. Olapade
Wife, Girlfriend, Partner Not Married, Allyson Osy Audu
Occupation Digital Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur
Net Worth $100,000

Biography and Wiki:
Who is Adekunle BBNaija? His real full name is Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade but better known as Adekunle BBNaija is a handsome Nigerian digital marketing consultant, chartered accountant, entrepreneur, and reality tv star (born October 6, 1994).
BBNaija Adekunle Olopade became a national sensation after he was selected as one of the housemates of Big Brother Naija Season 7 (Level Up Edition). He is competing to become the biggest reality TV star in the country.
BBNaija Adekunle Olopade came to prominence as the 16th housemate to enter into the Big Brother Naija season seven (7) tagged: “Level Up”. Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade is among the BBNaija contestants rooting to win the 100 million naira prize money. 
BBNaija Adekunle Olopade is also known as Elder Statesman. He is a handsome young man with a tall height and light-skinned complexion. He has a well-built body frame and stands at six-foot. With his good looks, he has won the hearts of many female fans of the Big Brother Naija show. 
He resides on Lagos Island. His fanbase is called The Islanders. He is currently single, having broken off from a serious relationship months ago. He has no wife or child at the moment. BBNaija Adekunle Olopade is romantically linked to a fellow housemate named Allysyn Osy.

Adekunle BBNaija Date of Birth:
When was Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade BBNaija born? Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade BBNaija was born on the 6th of October 1994 in Lagos, Nigeria. 
Adekunle BBNaija Age:
How old is Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade (BBN)? Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade who rose to fame as the contestant of the 2022 big brother Naija season 7, is currently 27 years old as of 2021.
Adekunle BBNaija Birthday:
Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade BBNaija celebrates his birthday every year in October. He celebrated his 27 birthday on the 6th of October, 2021. Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade will be celebrating his 28tb birthday party on October 6, 2022.
Adekunle Olopade BBNaija State of Origin:
Which state is Khalid Ahalu BBNaija from? Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade BBNaija was born and hails from Lagos State.

Adekunle Olopade BBNija Hometown:
Which hometown is Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade BBNaija from? Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade BBNaija is from Lagos Island, in the south western part of Nigeria.
Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade BBNaija Tribe:
What tribe is Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade? Adekunle, which means “Crown Fills The House” in English, Adekunle is a Yoruba by the tribe. He speaks the language fluently and seems to so much love his culture.
Adekunle BBN Religion:
What religion is Adekunle BBNaija, is he Muslim or Christianity? Adekunle Oladimeji Olopade was brought up by a Christian devoted parents making him Christian by religion, not a Muslim. 
BBNaija Adekunle Olopade is a Christian and attends a Pentecostal Church on Lagos Island. He is a close pal of rapper, Vector. 
Family, Parents, and Siblings:
Adekunle Olopade BBNija was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Olapade as the first son of his parents. Although, Adekunle’s father and mother got divorced some years back leaving his mother to take care of him and his younger brother. 
Adekunle Olopade BBNija BBN Father:
Who is Adekunle Olopade BBNija BBN’s father, name, and pictures? Adekunle Olopade BBNija’s father is Mr. Olapade from Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria. 
Adekunle Olopade BBNija Mother:
Who is Adekunle Olopade BBNija’s mother, name, and pictures? Adekunle BBnaija’s mother’s name is Mrs. Bolanle Ojo. Adekunle’s mother changed her maiden name after she got divorced from her husband, Olapade.
Adekunle’s Mother, Bolanle Ojo 
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Adekunle Olopade BBNija Sibling Sister:
Who are ‘s siblings’ sisters? There’s no information regarding Adekunle’s sibling sister as at the time of writing this post we don’t know if Adekunle has a sibling sister. 
Adekunle Olopade BBNija Sibling Brothers:
Who is Khalid Ahalu BBNaija’s brother, name, and pictures? Adekunle Olopade BBNija has a sibling brother whose name is Tunji Arison Olapade. He is a Babcock University graduate.
Adekunle Younger brother, Tunji Arison Olapade
Educational Background (School):
Adekunle Olopade BBNaija is schooled at a leading primary school on Lagos Island for his primary school education. 
He attended Kings College for his secondary school and passed out of high school in 2010 after making good grades in his WAEC and NECO examinations. 
In his senior secondary school days at Kings College Lagos, BBNaija Adekunle Olopade was in the commercial department and took business and management-related classes. 
After completing his primary and secondary school education, Adekunle Olopade gained admission into Redeemers University to study accountancy, where he bagged his Bachelor’s degree in 2014. 

His Career:
Adekunle Olopade BBNaija during his time as an undergraduate at Redeemers University tried his hands at entrepreneurship. He established a fashion brand named Adire Nation. He ran the company for a couple of years and created bespoke adir-styled wear for customers. 
Adekunle Olopade takes up voice-over acting projects in his spare time. He is also good at stage acting and on-screen acting. 
After graduating from the university, he observed the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program, and this helped him start building his work portfolio in the corporate sector. 
On the completion of his NYSC, Adekunle Olopade obtained professional certification and became a Chartered Accountant. He began working with a leading company in Lagos City. 
Over the years, he has worked with different companies, holding different positions and managing teams. He has excelled at every company he has worked for and is known for leading his teams to achieve laudable milestones.

Adekunle BBNaija Career:
Adekunle Olopade since 2020, has shown interest in participating in Africa’s biggest show the Big Brother Naija reality show. In 2022, BBNaija Adekunle decided to become a reality TV star and auditioned for the 7th Season of Big Brother Naija. Two years after his dream came through as he successfully scaled through the rigorous selection phases of the show to emerge as one of the 24th contestants of the Big Brother Naija Level Up edition. He was unveiled as the 3rd housemate during the Sunday live show on the 24th of July 2022. 
Adekunle BBNaija whose real full name is Adekunle Tobilola Olopade Adekunle, a 27-year-old digital marketing consultant, considers himself “a self-actualized introvert” who takes pride in being a giver that solves other people’s problems. When he’s not dreaming of creating a better life for himself and figuring out ways to make the world a better place, you’ll find Adekunle playing games on his phone or watching his favourite show, Family Guy, on YouTube.
Although peace-making is one of his strengths, Adekunle is not afraid to step up and face challenges head-on should the need arise. Are there any habits that may annoy his fellow Housemates? “The fact that I’m always right; and by the way, I never say anything I don’t know, could be considered annoying. Also, I learned recently that I use a lot of big grammar when I speak,” he says with a chuckle. 
Adekunle hopes to win this season of Big Brother Naija so he can help his mother pay off her mortgage, loans, and debt.

Adekunle BBNaija Head Of House:
The Head of House (HOH) Challenge excluded the outgoing HoH Hermes, and the New Riders Chizzy and Rachel
The first challenge was a simple necklace beading challenge with Housemates carrying beads to another stool to create a necklace on a picture. The pace started slow with some Housemates but quickly picked up as the clock hit less than a minute. They received 7 minutes on the clock to re-create the necklace. 
At the end of the game, Level 2 Fake Housemate Modella and Level 1’s Sheggz were disqualified for breaking the rules. Big Brother then assigned Hermes, Rachel, and Chizzy to inspect and select the top contenders. 
Housemates from BBNaija Level 1 Adekunle, Chomzy, and Diana came out tops while Daniella, Khalid, Pharmsavi, and Phyna made the cut from Level 2. One by one, the Level Up ladies were asked to take a seat, Biggie even assuring Phyna, “better luck next time”. 
The decider sound saw Adekunle, Khalid and Pharmsavi made the top three and moved to the next round. The guys were given 10 tennis balls that they needed to roll into the pipes which had different points allocations. The three Housemates did that but ran for each other’s balls as they completed the 10 balls allocated to them. 
Adekunle scored 25 points then Khalid and Pharmsavi had 23 points respectively, making Adekunle the new Head of House. With his new found status, Big Brother gave him 30 minutes to deliberate with the Level 1 Housemates before locking in his Nomination of five Housemates from Level 2.  
Adekunle has a huge task ahead of him.
Adekunle after winning the Head of House was asked by Biggie to nominate five (5) housemates with reason from level 2 for possible eviction. Adekunle nominated this as follows:
1} Khalid — Because he is a strong game player and a strong housemate.
2} Ilebaye — Because I don’t know her well and my fellow housemates said negative things about her.
3} Phyna — Because she has lots of energy and she is the foundation of the level 2 housemates.
4} Bryann —Because he is strategic and very strong.
5} Groovy — Because I’ve not had a real conversation with him and he is a bit distracted on the show.
He was meant to confirm his nomination by big brother.
Height and Weight:
How old is Adekunle Olopade BBNaija? Adekunle Olopade BBNaija stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs about 75 kg.

Adekunle Olopade BBNaija Tattoo:
Adekunle Olopade does not have tattoos on his body. He might decide to have one in the future.
Relationship, Dating, Engagement:
Who is Adekunle Olopade bbn dating, relationship, engaged? Adekunle Olopade BBNaija hasn’t disclosed if he is in a serious relationship, dating, or engaged yet, but he is romantically linked to Allyson Audu in the Big Brother Naija House.
Adekunle Olopade BBN Girlfriend:
Who are Adekunle Olopade BBNaija’s girlfriend, name, and pictures? Adekunle Olopade does not have a girlfriend before coming to big brother Naija’s house. The Big Brother Naija star is not dating anyone at the moment; he is single. However, he confirmed to his fellow housemate that he was previously in a relationship that started in 2015 and ended in 2018 because of communication issues and misunderstandings but will be considering falling in love in the house and which he is already considering with Allyson Osy.
Picture of Adekunle and former girlfriend 
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Adekunle Olopade and Allyson BBNaija Dating/Relationship:
What happened between Adekunle Olopade and Allyson Osy? The two housemates are close and have been seen sharing juicy moments. Adekunle and Allyson also shared their first kiss. 
Who knows if the relationship is going to continue to be strong in the house and after the house? Let’s watch out and see house things goes.

Adekunle and BBNAIJA girlfriend Allyson Audu 

Adekunle BBNaija Married, Marriage, Wedding:
Is Adekunle Olopade BBNaija married? Adekunle Olopade BBNaija is not married yet and has not done any marriage or wedding ceremony before.
Adekunle Olopade BBNaija Wife/Partner:
Who are Adekunle Olopade BNN’s wife, partner, name, and pictures? No indication showing that Adekunle Olopade has a wife. The talented digital marketing consultant and reality tv star do not have a wife as of the time of writing this post.
Adekunle Olopade BBNaija Children:
How many children does Adekunle Olopade BBNaija have? Adekunle Olopade’s big brother Naija does not have children at the moment.
His Net Worth:
BBNaija Adekunle Olopade earns money as a digital marketing consultant and chartered accountant and he has been able to live a comfortable lifestyle. Adekunle Olopade BBNaija has an estimated net worth of about $100,000 US dollars.

Adekunle Olopade BBNaija House and Cars:
Adekunle Olopade currently lives in a beautiful house on Lagos Island and it is not known if Adekunle Olopade has his car at the moment.
Social Media Handles:
Adekunle Olopade’s social media presence is growing massively. Adekunle Olopade is active on various social media platforms. His fan base on the platforms has rapidly increased since joining the Big Brother Naija season 7, Level Up. Here are his social media handles:
Instagram handle: @officialadekunleolopade
Twitter handle: @adekunleolopade
Adekunle Olopade BBNaija Phone Number:
Adekunle Olopade is yet to reveal his real WhatsApp phone number, you can only contact him via his social media profiles above.

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