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You will agree with me that each day by day the Nigerian Nollywood movie industry keeps on producing vast of talented actors and actresses. Nigerian Nollywood movie industry always produced one of the best actors.

The newest discovery in the Nollywood movie industry is Ade Tiger in King of the Boys, whose real name is Titi Kuti, a producer, actor, and presenter who has successfully linked acting, producing, and presenting with modeling, and has been dubbed as a multi-talented professional.
In this article you are going to find out everything you need to know about Titi Kuti (Ader Tiger): His bio, parents, net worth, girlfriend, married, wife, family, father, mother, siblings, wikipedia, brother, sister, tribe, real name, phone number, biography, date of birth, age, birthday, place of birth, nationality, ethnicity, education, university, career, movies, instagram, house, car, pictures, etc.
Titi Kuti Bio, Wiki, Profile, Net Worth, Age

Real Full Name Titi Kuti
Nickname T-kay
Date of Birth July 30, 1980s
Age 30-38 Years Old
State of Origin  Lagos State
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Christianity
Family • Parents Mr & Mrs Kuti
Wife • Girlfriend Not Married
Occupation Actor• Model• Producer
Net Worth $250,000

Biography and Wiki:
Who is Titi Kuti? Titi Kuti could be a notable Nigerian actor, model, movie producer and media personality who is also known as T-Kay. He has been involved in many television productions. 
Titi Kuti is known to be the production manager for the season 2 edition of Nigeria’s Got Talent show (regional auditions) while working with Optima media group.
Titi Kuti is very handsome, gifted, skillful, creative and highly talented Nollywood actor known for his good interpretation of movie roles. He knows how to interpret his role very well and can fit in any character assigned to him by movie directors and producers in Nigeria.

Titi Kuti has been described by many as a superman. The rare breed of creative professional who has vast relevance in production administration, TV series production and management, acting, and modeling.
Titi Kuti became well known after being featured in Kemi Adetiba’s movie titled “King of Boys,1 & 2” in which he starred as Ade Tiger.

Titi Kuti (Ader Tiger) Date of Birth:
When was Titi Kuti born? Titi Kuti was born on July 30, 1980s
Titi Kuti Real Age:
How old is Titi Kuti? Titi is currently in his late 30s as of 2021.
Titi Kuti Birthday:

Titi Kuti celebrates his birthday every year on July 30th. In July 30th 2019, Titi Kuti celebrated his 23rd birthday. In celebrating his birthday he wrote: “Another 365 gone by, like breeze.. Greatful for life and living, grace given and good health.. Another journey starts today, looking forward to amazing exploits and greater accomplishments… Happy 23rd birthday to me ( just bcos I Do Not feel a day older ?).”

State of Origin, Hometown:
Where is Titi Kuti? Titi Kuti hails from Lagos State, in the south-western part of Nigeria.
Titi Kuti Nationality:
What is Titi nationality? Titi Kuti is a Nigerian by nationality.
Titi Kuti Tribe:
What tribe is Titi Kuti? Titi Kuti is a Yoruba by tribe.

Family Background, Father, Mother, Siblings: Titi Kuti was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Kuti, his parents. His family lives in Lagos State Nigeria. He has other siblings brothers and sisters.

Titi Kuti Parents, Childhood:
Who are the parents of Titi Kuti? Titi Kuti parents are Mr and Mrs Eso. They are Yorubas, based in Lagos Nigeria.
Titi Kuti parents are Christians, he was born and raised in a Christian way in Lagos where he had his early childhood.
Titi Kuti Father:
Who is Titi Kuti father? Titi Kuti father is Mr Kuti, much is not known about his father whether he is dead or alive 

Titi Kuti Mother:
Who Is Titi Kuti Mother? Titi Kuti (Ader Tiger) mother is Mrs Kuti.
Siblings, Brothers, Sisters:
Titi Kuti has not revealed much about his siblings. To be updated later.
Educational Background:
Is Titi Kuti a graduate?Titi is a graduate of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the Lagos State University (LASU), Nigeria in 2008.

His Career:
Titi Kuti began his career when he was still in the university at Lagos State University as a young guy studying Industrial Relations and Personnel Management he developed an interest in modeling in which he did some runway jobs such as fashion brands, billboards and TV adverts.
After graduation from the university, he had an immense knowledge of the entertainment including managing an ace producer for Dr Frabz. Afterward, he was absorbed into Nigezie TV where he learnt much about production and media in entirety under the auspice of VMN boss Femi Aderibigbe “Kwame Naija” .

Titi Kuti also worked as a presenter, producer and resource person with the channel communications department where he got the bulk of experience that influenced his vastness in the industry.
Titi has since participated in various productions and in various dynamics such as movies, TV series. Commercials, Music Videos, reality formats among others.

Titi is a versatile, creative, skillful and 
exceptionally talented in profession. He has vast of experience in production administration, TV series production and management, acting and modeling due to his talents and versatility he was featured in Kemi Adetiba’s movie titled ‘King of Boys’ which he portray as Ade Tiger.
Titi Kuti since his breakthrough in the movie industry has been featured in several Nollywood movies and television series including ‘Palace’ he has worked with top Nollywood A-list actors like Sola Sobowale, Akin Lewis, Jide Kosoko and other top key players in the industry.
Titi Kuti is gifted and highly talented Nollywood actor known for good interpretation of roles in movies whose style of acting has received wide acceptance and love by viewers.

Picture of Sola Sobowale, Kemi Adetiba & Titi Kuti
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Titi Kuti and Sola Sobowale:
What is the relationship between Titi Kuti and actress Sola Sobowale? The Nollywood actor, Titi Kuti aka T-Kay, explained his relationship with Sola Sobowale, whom he described as his mentor, who has helped to arouse his interest in acting and modeling when it was overtaken by administrative aspects of productions.
Titi also described his role in the Kemi Adetiba’s thriller as an amazing one carved out of creativity and ingenuity. He described working with the likes of Sola Sobowale, Adesua Utomi, Paul Sambo and other top Nollywood stars as a good one with wonderful experience full of ups and downs.
Picture of Ader Tiger in King of Boys

Titi Kuti as Ade Tiger In King of Boys Movie:
Titi Kuti describes his role in the King of Boys movie as an amazing role that turned creativity into ingenuity, as well as the experience of working with Sola Sobowale, Toni Tones, Paul Sambo, and the rest as a worthwhile experience with unique ups and downs.
The actor revealed that versatility and consistency are the keys to relevance and he developed his performance capacity in areas that will enhance his relevance across board without taking any pinch of it for granted.
Titi Kuti admonished Nigerian youths to remain positive even amid negativities, saying integrity is the only way one’s name can be as solid as a rock, Titi revealed in an interview.
Married, Marriage, Wedding: 
Is Titi Kuti married? No, Titi Kuti is not yet married and has not revealed any wedding plans.
Titi Kuti Wife:
Who Is Titi Kuti Wife, Name, Pictures? Titi Kuti it is not known if he has a wife or not as he has not yet revealed who his wife or fianceé is.

Titi Kuti Girlfriend:
Who is Titi Kuti? Titi Kuti currently has a girlfriend who he is currently dating, but is yet to show off his beautiful girlfriend to the media.
Dating, Relationship, Engagement, Engaged, Fiancee:
Titi Kuti is in a relationship. He has a girlfriend he is dating, but has not revealed if he will engaged her to be his wife or not.

Child, Children, Son, Daughter:
Picture of Titi Kuti child? It is not known if Titi Kuti has a child, son or daughter at the moment.
Instagram Page:
His real name on instagram is Titi Kuti, He is very active on Instagram with thousand of followers on his Instagram page. His username on Instagram profile is @Titikuti_

His Net Worth:
Titi Kuti is one of the most talented Nigerian actor, model and Tv personality currently waxing stronger in the Nollywood entertainment industry, with an estimated net worth of about $250,000 US dollars.

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