Amanda Malela Biography, Age, Net-Worth, Husband, Marriage, Wedding, Wiki, Parents & Instagram -

Amanda Malela Biography, Age, Net-Worth, Husband, Marriage, Wedding, Wiki, Parents & Instagram

Full Biography of Amanda Malela: Facts About Age, Husband, Net Worth, Wedding, Marriage, Wikipedia, Date of Birth, County, Parents, Instagram, Height, Weight, Languages, Songs, Download, Pictures.

Biography and Wiki:
Who is Amanda Malela? Her full name is Amanda Malela Mbuyi, she is a beautiful, tall Belgian gospel singer, songwriter and dancer from the Congolese origin. Amanda Malela become famous after performing as a backing singer alongside renowned artists such as Eddy Mitchell, Vanessa Paradis and Lara Fabian, Amanda decided to pursue a solo career and released her first single “Kumama” in 2018. The track quickly became a hit and was widely followed on Youtube.

Date of Birth, Age and Birthday:
How old is Amanda Malela Mbuyi? Amanda Malela was born on February 18, 1989. She is currently 31 years of age. Amanda always celebrate his birthday every year on February 18.

Where is Amanda Malela from? Amanda Malela is a Belgium but originated from Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), her country of origin where her father is from.

Family, Parents, Father and Mother:
Amanda Malela Mbuyi father is from DRC Congo while her mother is from Belgium.

Educational Background:
Amanda Malela Went to Athénée Royal de Ganshoren and Saint-Louis University, Brussels, Belgium.

Amanda Malela Languages:
Amanda Malela speaks about 8 languages, including French, English, Lingala (Congo), Dutch, German, Korean, Portuguese, and Italian.

🇧🇪 I speak FRENCH it’s my mother tongue
🇧🇪 I was born in Belgium so I learnt a bit of DUTCH at school
🇨🇩 I also speak LINGALA even if I have a European accent, I am & I’ll remain a child of Congo
🇩🇪 I still understand a bit of GERMAN, I learnt it for 3 years at school

— Amanda Malela (@AmandaMalela) May 16, 2020

Relationship Status:
Amanda Malela is currently in a relationship, but doesn’t like talking about her boyfriend. She keeps that aspect private.

Husband, Marriage and Wedding:
Is Amanda Malela married? Amanda Malela is currently not married and does not have a child at the moment. Amanda Malela has not done her wedding, she only sing a song that is being used in a wedding party.

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Her Career:
Amanda Malela started her career as a backup artist, before she decided to go solo and release her on album.

Amanda Malela first sang for a public audience during a jam and soul party. Some Artists at the party noticed her brilliant performance, and some of them started inviting her to collaborate on their projects.

In 2018, after a composition session led by her friend Mike Moore, the team came up with Kumama. Kumama, or Kumbama, is the Lingala for “be praised”. The song was composed in a Nigerian fashion, with most of its lyrics in English. In an interview, Amanda revealed how the team pushed her to even adopt a Nigerian accent. The song became a hit, mainly on social networks, but also beyond. It has become a popular wedding entrance song. After Kumama, she released her single titled Hosanna. The main song also gathered a lot of attention and views on the internet.

Amanda Malela Contacts:
Amanda Malela is on social media platform with over 254K Instagram followers. She is very beautiful and talented. You can contact Amanda Malela on the following contacts below;

Her Net Worth:
Amanda Malela is one of the richest and most influential Gospel artist with an estimated net worth of about $2 million U.S. dollars.

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