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All You Need To Know About Big Brother Naija Director, Gbenga Kayode: His Biography, Date Of Birth, Age, State Of Origin, Nationality, Ethnicity, Family, Educational Background, His Career, Married, Wife, Father, Daughter, Son, Children, Net Worth, House, Cars, Height, Weight, Social Profiles, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube Channel, Pictures.

Full Name Gbenga M.Kayode
Also Known As Gbenga Kayode (BBNaija)
Date of Birth September 13, 1980s
Age 30 -40+ 
State of Origin Lagos State
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Christianity
Parents Mr & Mrs Kayode
Husband Not Married
Occupation Filmmaker • Director • Producer
Net Worth $500,000
If you do follow BBNaija a lot, you must have heard of him from Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, with bants like “Kayode 600 years…“, “Kayode why did you go on a break“, “Kayode change the camera”, “Kayode focus the camera well”, and so on. Who is really Gbenga M. Kayode? find out below as we have got interesting facts about him.

Biography and Wiki:
Who is Gbenga Kayode? Gbenga Kayode, is widely known as Gbenga Kayode big brother, is a TV and film writer, director and content producer. 
Gbenga Kayode is known to be the Series Director for Big Brother Naija seasons. He’s unarguably one of the most popular members of the show’s production team.
Kayode name keeps popping up on BBNaija threads on social media. It’s either BBNaija fans are berating him for taking the camera away from a housemate they wanted to see more of, or they are begging him to stop giving a particular housemate too much camera time.
Gbenga Kayode has worked on previous seasons of BBNaija (‘See Gobe’, ‘Double Wahala’ and ‘Pepper Dem’, ‘Lockdown’) and now, Shine Ya Eye edition.
Kayode is gifted, creative and highly talented Nigerian film writer, director and producer known for his creativity and good content with vast of experience in the entertainment industry.
Date of Birth and Age:
How old is Gbenga Kayode? Gbenga Kayode was born on September 13th, 1980s. Kayode is currently in his late 30s or in his early 40s.
Gbenga Kayode Birthday:
Gbenga Kayode is known to always celebrate his birthday every year on September 13. 
State of Origin, Hometown:
Which state is Gbenga Kayode from? Gbenga Kayode originally hails from Lagos State in south-western part of Nigeria.
Gbenga Kayode Tribe: What tribe is Gbenga Kayode big brother from? He is a Yoruba by tribe.
Family, Parents and Siblings:
Gbenga Kayode was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Kayode. Gbenga Kayode also has siblings, brothers and sisters.
Educational Background:
Gbenga Kayode is a graduate. He bagged his bachelors degree in one of the best university in Nigeria.

His Career:
Gbenga Kayode began film writing during his University days, before starting directing and producing as well. He is currently experienced in his craft and one of the best in his field.
He shot to fame for being the director of big brother naija season 2 tagged see gobe.
“How did his name become popular?” You might ask. Well, firstly, during the ‘See Gobe‘ edition, some of the housemates named the robotic camera ‘Kayode’. Sometimes when the camera moves, they would say, ‘Kayode is watching us’. “I think some viewers picked it up”, Kayode says.
As the show grew in popularity, the name also grew in popularity. Secondly, it’s public knowledge that he works as the Series Director on the show. People with knowledge of television or film production simply deduce that as the Director of the show, he is responsible for the camera shots.
That’s how calling the camera ‘Kayode’ came to be. He says: “Seeing my name on Twitter doesn’t bother me a bit. I understand that it is the fans trying to reach out to us. The popularity has shocked me though but I’m grateful for the support and love we are receiving.”
The ‘vents’ and ‘600 years’, doesn’t bother him either. According to him, “it is fans having an opinion or expressing their frustration or anger towards something specific on the show. All within their rights. I don’t know these people one-on-one, so I like to believe in the end it’s all love. I see this when the show is ending and the same fans send messages like, ‘Kayode we are going to miss you’”.
Kayode’s job focuses on 3 key elements – the overall creative, the technical output and the actual show content. He’s the team lead in these areas. He works hand in hand with the Series Producer and the Executive Producer as they make the necessary decisions.
His job starts long before the show begins. They get to design how the show looks and feel. Every element of the show is deliberate and planned with a specific result in mind. From the wall colours in the lounge to the colours of the strap on the channel – every single element is carefully drafted.
“Since the show is unscripted, we try our best and hope we get the desired result. So far so good, we have been largely lucky”. His job also involves daily meetings with other departments like the tasks department, sponsorship department, content department and live show department. Each of these has their team leads and he ensures that all approved ideas are translated properly to all the departments.”
Fans of BBNaija can relate to watching an interesting scene, then the show goes on a commercial break. It can be so annoying right? This is what Kayode has to say about that:
Interestingly, the commercial breaks are scheduled a day before the broadcast. It is just unfortunate that with the nature of the show being an unscripted reality, some drama simply unfolds on a scheduled commercial break. We try to manage the events we can control. For instance, when the housemates are in the middle of a task, Big Brother may ask them to freeze or take a break, this is often because we have a scheduled commercial break coming up. In the end, these breaks are necessary for our sponsors to showcase their brands.

Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures:
Is Gbenga Kayode married? Gbenga Kayode is married and he did his white wedding some years ago.
Gbenga Kayode Wife and Children:
Who is Gbenga Kayode wife, name, pictures? Gbenga Kayode is currently married to his beautiful wife and they’re blessed with beautiful children.
Child, Son, Daughter:
Gbenga Kayode is blessed with beautiful sons and daughters, though he never post pictures of his kids on social media.
Instagram Page:
Gbenga Kayode is very much active on Instagram. See Instagram profile @_gbengakayode
Her Net Worth:
Gbenga Kayode is one of the prominent TV and film writer, director and producer in the entertainment industry, with an estimated net worth of about $500,000 USA dollars.
House and Cars:
Gbenga Kayode lives in a good house and drives good cars as well.
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