Beautiful Lady Carries And Kisses A Smith Bear, Got People Talking(Pics/Video)

Nigerian Lady was seen making her early Valentine day with wild animal until it kisses her.

The act of this beautiful girl has brought some mixed reactions with people that finds it irritating.

See some of the reactions below : 

Omo some people have confidence sha � just the nails Dey fear me 

If those nails got her face, she would never dare. ���lol ama keep running from an wild animals.

itz_heyow�there’s no way I’m doing this 

I dont understand the trend of playing with wild animals 

Hw can she play with animals like dis….nw if she started seeing evil spirit d go say na witch…but na she go look for trouble

ebuzz___ After kissing an animal, you will go n kiss your husband. This is to show da most women cannot be trusted n they can do anything to satisfy themselves.

Ladies what do you think, would you have mind to do that? 

Watch video below⤵

More pics and reactions

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