Betty Okafor Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Instagram, Parents & Movies -

Betty Okafor Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Instagram, Parents & Movies

Meet Fessa Betty Ndidiamaka Okafor Biography, Age, State of Origin, Education, Birthday, Movies, Instagram, Pictures, and Net Worth.

Who is Fessa Betty Okafor “Ezenwayi?
Betty Okafor is one of the talented and fast rising Nollywood actress, model and entrepreneur.

The beautiful, creative and highly talented Nollywood actress is gifted in interpreting roles in movies brilliantly well. She can as well fit into any character given to her by movie producers and directors in the industry.

Age & Place of Birth:
She was born on 12th March, the actual year and age unknown and grew up in Ogwashi Uku, Delta State, Nigeria. She hails from Delta State Nigeria.

Educational Background:
Fessa Betty Okafor had her primary and secondary education in Ogwshi Uku, Delta State. After obtaining her first and secondary school certificates respectively, she went to the University of Benin, in Edo State where she bagged a bachelor’s degree. Since graduation, she has remained one of the fast growing and relevant Nollywood actresses in the movie industry.

Her acting Career:
Betty Okafor  joined the Nigerian Movie Industry for a number of years now and has since acted several hit movies. Some of her movie collections are:

* Living in Bondadage (Breaking Free)

* Omaliko

* Herb of Life

* Boundless Love

* Last Kidney

* Thorn

* 21 Virgins

* The Oblivion

* Mortal Vengeance

* Crime to Blood

* Blood of Royal Maiden and many more..

Her Personal Life:
Fessa Betty Okafor is currently single not married, she is very secretive of her life, probably to avoid having her name soiled or dragged in the mud. She is however active on Instagram where she flaunt her braless cleavages .

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Checkout her Instagram account, page, pictures and photos @Fessabokafor

Actress Net Worth:
Fessa Betty Net Worth is currently not known because she always keep it to her self, But will be updated when information about her net worth is being estimated.

How old is Betty Okafor? Not Known.
Which state is Fessa Betty Okafor from? Delta.
Betty Okafor age
Betty Okafor boyfriend
Is Betty Okafor Married, No!
Betty Okafor Birthday
Betty Okafor Movies
Betty Okafor Instagram, pictures, photos

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