Burna Boy Breaks Down The Inspiration Behind His Tattoos [Video]

You’ve got to see all the tattoos on Burna Boy’s body and the inspiration behind them.

Burna Boy is known to be one of the most tattooed singers in the entertainment industry and we can’t take that away from him.

He broke down bits by bits the names and the reasons behind each tattoo on his body during a recent interview and they are very interesting.

From having the Nigerian coat of arm (Shocking) to Fela’s name on his hand, Burna Boy sure has a very strong attachment to all the tattoos on his body. He revealed all these during an exclusive chat with fashion magazine, GQ.

The first one is a Psalm from the bible. I was just in a dark place and this was the Psalm that felt like I wrote it at that time. This is the tattoo I got after my third American tour. It’s like a rock star tattoo. On my fingers, we have ‘God’s love’ that’s like the fuel. Then this is like a brick wall, it has family written pon it then it also has some of my family members name on it.

“Then this is like a bleeding heart but it still shines so it shows that even with all the…something might be shining but it still bleeds. Then this is Fela Kuti, he is like my hero, he is like the best musician that ever lived,” he said.

It didn’t end there he went to show off the tattoos created from his first-ever album, Life and that of the nickname his grandfather and Fela Kuti use to call each other back in the days.

Over the last couple of months, Burna Boy has been on a foreign media tour, granting interviews with popular TV hosts including that of Trevor Noah which is getting a lot of buzz.

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‘Nigerians and humility don’t mix,’ Trevor Noah tells Burna Boy

After his interview with Trevor Noah, the self-acclaimed ‘African Giant’ Burna Boy performed ‘Anybody’ and ‘Ye’ before an excited audience of The Daily Show. But before the performance, Burna Boy had a chat with Trevor Noah on a myriad of topics

One of those was the events that led to his infamous outburst at the organizers of American concert, Coachella a few months ago. The rant led to the artist’s now popular alias and title of his latest album, ‘African Giant.’

On the events that led to that social media outburst, Burna Boy narrated that, “Yeah basically, I was on the toilet seat and then my mom (also his manager, ‘Mama Burna’) calls me and was like ‘we’re doing Coachella blah blah…’ and I’m like ‘Oh yeah, that’s nice.“

So, I get up and you know go on the (Insta)gram (laughs) and then I see the thing (the poster) and I’m seeing all the names but I literally can’t find my name. So I’m like ‘Am I really performing here? (Laughs) What’s going on?’

“And she’s (Mama Burna) like ‘Nah, it’s there.’ She had to circle it for me (to see). So, basically, that’s never happened to me before you know, I’m used to being the African giant… So I’m like, ‘What’s this? I don’t like this.’ (Laughs). So, basically, I told them… I expressed myself… So that everyone coming after me shouldn’t have to go through that.”

Burna Boy then goes on to say that he was also fighting for all international artists who come to perform at Coachella, big in their own countries and to their primary fans. He feels international artists shouldn’t have to be subjected to limitation by American platforms.


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