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Meet Dineo Mofammere, Facts About Biography, Date of Birth, Age, Birthday, Nationality, State of Origin, Married?Husband, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Instagram and Movies.

Who Is Dineo Mofammere?
Dineo Mofammere is a South African Nigeria actress popularly known as Nollywood industry.

She is a popular Nollywood actress and an entrepreneur known for her brilliant roles in Men’s Club Drama series. Sh is very versatile, skillful, dedicated, consistent in producing good results and carries high level of self confidence in the interpretation of roles.

Date of Birth, Age:
How old is Dineo Mofammere? Dineo Mofammere was born on November 28, 1980. The beautiful actress is currently 43 years of age. She celebrates her 43rd birthday in November 28, 2023.

Where is Dineo Mafammere from? She hails from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Education Background:
She studied at University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika.

Is Dineo Mafammere married?husband!! Whether Dineo Mafammere is married we can’t really tell, because the actress doesn’t flaunt her husband on social media, but the stunning actress have two beautiful children, a boy and a daughter.

Dineo Mafammere started her acting career at a very young age, acorcording to her she said acting are her passion. Dineo joined the Nollywood industry professionally in 2012 and since then have been featured in a movie such as: When Love Comes Calling
Jinxed, The Quest, The Men’s Club Season, 1-3,
2015 Drama Series- Lincoln’s Clan Season 5-8

2015 Drama Series- Newman Street Season 2

2014 Drama Series- Newman Street Season 1

2014 Drama Series- Lincoln’s Clan Season 1-4

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2013 Drama Series- The Dragons

2012 The Movie- The President’s Son, and so many others.

Dineo Mafammere is beautiful and highly talented Nollywood actress, gifted in interpreting roles in movies. She takes roles liberally assigned her in most movies and does them brilliantly well.

Instagram Page:
The beautiful actress may not have much followers, but she is very active on Instagram. See her Instagram profile @


Net Worth:
Dineo Mafammere is another Nollywood superstar, rated one of the richest and most influential with a net worth rumored to be $80,000 dollars.

Dineo Mafammere currently don’t have any information on wikipedia

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