Disgusting Moment Asian Man Dips Baby Mouse In Sauce And Eats It Alive (Video)

A video has been shared online, showing an Asian man eating a baby mouse alive.

In the disgusting footage, the man grabs the live baby mouse with chopsticks and dips it into a bowl of sauce before putting the squeaking rodent into his mouth.

The meal, accompanied by a plate of tomatoes, is reportedly considered a delicacy in the Guangdong province of southeast China. The government banned the dish, but it can still be found in backstreet restaurants.

Watch the video below.

Sorry for anyone who hasn’t eaten dinner yet tonight. Hate to ruin your appetite. pic.twitter.com/bUIN7bdxMc

— CoffeyJPC 🇺🇸 (@JpcCoffey) January 25, 2020

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