Electricity Officials Stranded While Disconnecting Light Due To Power Failure(Video)

This Is The Best Video That Will Make You Laugh And Forget Your Problem. Hilarious Moment Between NEPA Officials and a Commentator.

Here is the viral video when electricity officials where stranded while disconnecting light due to power failure.

This spark outrageous commentary from man who bitterly complained, he can be heard in the audio background saying “NEPA people come to disconnect light, but light no dey they are stranded”

“He said my brother this is the country we are even the NEPA officials are stranded standing at the pole, they don’t know the one which have light or not”.

He went on to ask question, he said my brother what are they disconnecting is it light or darkness.

The NEPA official went on to call head office so that the can give him light to disconnect light.

This video is really Hilarious!!

See Reactions Below, Watch Video After the cut,

Watch The Video Below⤵

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