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Elma Mbadiwe is a talented up coming Nollywood actress and writer known for “Unbroken”. Born on January 28.

Who is Elma Mbadiwe? Her full name Kenechukwu Elma Mbadiwe but goes by the name as Elma Mbadiwe. Elma Mbadiwe is an upcoming Nigerian actress and writer known for her famous role as Tallulah in the movie titled ‘Unbroken’ and Laraba on E.V.E. The two movie were Africa Magic Shows. But ‘Unbroken’ was the movie that brought her to limelight.

Elma Mbadiwe is creative and highly talented Nollywood actress, known for good interpretation of roles in movies. She can as well fit into any character assigned her in most movies and she does it very well.



Date of Birth, Birthday and Age:
How old is Elma Mbadiwe? Elma Mbadiwe was born on the 28th day of January. Her birth year as well as her age is not known.

State of Origin, Home Town:
Which state is Elma Mbadiwe? Elma Mbadiwe is a Nigerian by birth, but hails from Imo state, Nigeria.

Educational Background:
Elma, holds a B.Sc in Mass Communication from The Redeemer’s University and an Acting for Screen diploma from Royal Arts Academy.


Relationship Status:
Is Elma Mbadiwe married?husband. She is currently not married, but the actress is in a relationship although she doesn’t flaunt nor shows off her boyfriend or fiance on her Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts.


Her Career:
Elma Mbadiwe have always want to be an actress, she started playing drama in church stage. Elma joined acting professionally some years years ago. Elma since joining the Nollywood industry have already carve a niche for herself and is currently most sought after Nollywood actress.

Elma further reveal her passion for acting, acorcording to her; says acting has always been a dream for her.

“I used to act as a child because I enjoyed it. Now I figured I can earn a living doing what I enjoy. I fondly remember watching old Nollywood movies and re-creating the characters.”

But acting is not the only dream Elma has. Working with Genevieve Nnaji is high up the young actress’ wishlist and according to her “it’s been a childhood dream”, she added.


Elma Mbadiwe is one of the beautiful actress, very gifted, skillful, creative and talented in acting and interpretation of movies. She knows how to interpret her roles very well and can fit in any character given to her by movie directors and producers in Nigeria.


Elma Mbadiwe since her breakthrough has starred in a quite number of movies, such as: Unbroken, E.V.E, F.O.M.O, Phases, Dysfunction, Rattle Snake as Adaugo and so many others.

Instagram Page:
Elma Mbadiwe is an Instagram star and is very popular on Instagram. She is loved by her fans . see her Instagram profile @Capt_Elma


Her Net Worth:
Elma Mbadiwe makes her money through acting and other side hustle. Her net worth is not have not been estimated, but will be updated soon.(Check back for update)

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