Elvis Poko Biography, Real Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wikipedia, Height & Instagram

Meet Comedian Elvis Poko: Facts About Biography, Real Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height, Wikipedia, Instagram, Date of Birth, State of Origin, Tribe, Family, Parents, Height and Pictures.

Who Is Elvis Poko?
Elvis Poko also known as MC Paparazzy is a fast rising comedian and actor who plays the role of Ochuko on the Africa Magic Television series titled “Hustle” the movie which brought him to limelight. Elvis Poko, started alongside Deborah Anugwa, Uzor Osimkpa and Maurice Sam. Elvis Poko highly talented and passionate about her craft, a trait which has made him one to watch as his star continues to shine brighter.

Elvis Poko is a hard worker, very persistence, a goal getter who dreams big and work towards achieving those dreams in the right way, MC Paparazzi hates to cut corners, he’s a progressive Nigerian and very funny.

Date of Birth, Age and Birthday:
How old is Elvis Poko? Elvis Poko was born in Ondo state Nigeria on the 30th day of January. His birth year as well as his age is not known. Elvis Poko should be in his late 20’s born in the last sane generation.

State of Origin(Home Town):
Which state is Elvis Poko from? What tribe is  Elvis Poko? Elvis Poko hails from Ondo State in the south western part of Nigeria.

Educational Background:
Elvis Poko had his primary and secondary education in Warri, Delta state, before proceeding to the Delta Sate University Abraka where he bagged a first –class Degree in Political Science at the Delta State University.  Elvis is also a certified Broadcaster from the Nigerian Broadcasting academy Lagos.

Is Elvis Poko married? wife and girlfriend. He is currently not married yet, the handsome actor and comedian said his celebrity crush popular Ghanaian and Nollywood actor Juliet Ibrahim. Elvis doesn’t flaunt nor show off his girlfriend on social media.

His Career:
Elvis Poko work in a radio station Rainbowfm to be precise, but jumped into stand-up comedy professionally in 2011 with the stage name MC Paparazzy. He then moved to Lagos the following year under the mentorship of veteran comedian Gandoki to further grow in comedy career.

Elvis found his love for acting after he was contracted by Legend Nigeria to become a star actor on their project “Real Man No Fear”. By all accounts Elvis Poko is undoubtedly one of the fattest rising comedian/actors on the African continent.

Elvis Poko reveal “I’m a StandUp comedian originally, acting was just a trial, in ten years from now I see my self as one of the biggest entertainer globally”..he added

Instagram Page:
Elvis Poko is not new to social media and he is very active on all his social media accounts. He a have more than 34K followers on his Instagram account. Check out some of his pictures and videos on his Instagram profile @ELVISPOKO

His Net Worth:
Elvis Poko having carve a niche for himself and a force to reckon in the entertainment industry. Elvis Poko is rated one of the richest and most influential with a net worth rumored to be $100,000 U.S. dollars.

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