‘No HIV’: Nigerian Man Who Squandered His Money On South African Women Thanks God (Video)

Nigerian man who is stranded in south Africa cries out after squandering all his money on South African Women.

In a video making rounds online was a Nigerian man who based in South Africa and he is stranded after lavishing the little money he made on South African women.

According to him, he said “even though South Africa does not have head that their women are better than Nigerian women.

He said that South African women are very sweet in bed and are not materialistic at all.

He said like this morning that he have fucked, and 3 women are still waiting for him to come back home and fuck. That even though he don’t have money the still like him, that if it Nigerian women the will not agree.

He said, even if you are not well the will like you, whether you are mad the will marry you, you don’t have hand the will marry you, you don’t have legs, you are blind that South African women will still marry you.

He said if you have anybody that want to come to South Africa that you should tell the person not to come, that the little money that he suppose to use and come back home that the have collected it and he can’t go home.

He went on to thank God that upon the women he had been making love with did not give him HIV yet. See reactions and watch the video after cut.

Watch The Video Below⤵

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