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Full Name Rev. Fr. Oluoma Chinenye John
Nickname Fada Oluoma
Date of Birth 25th January, 1980’s
Age 30 -40 Years Old
State of Origin Imo State
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Christianity
Parents Mr Oluoma
Wife Not Married
Occupation Priest • Counselor • Musician
Net Worth $300,000

Biography and Wiki:
Who is Fada Oluoma? Fada Oluoma has his real full name as Rev. Fr. Oluoma Chinenye John is widely known as Fada Oluoma is a popular Abuja based priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Nigeria. He is an anointed Preacher, Teacher, Counselor and Musician. Fada Oluoma is known to always make use of the internet for the proclamation of the word of God all over the world
He is a technology savvy Priest dedicated to liberating men and women from the shackles of ignorance and evil manipulations through regular dose of the word of God, Prayer and Ministrations.
He is a mentor who has a passion to see young men and women rise to their God given potentials.

Date of Birth and Age:
How old is Fada Oluoma? Fada Oluoma was born on January 25 and details about his age is not known. But from thenaijafame.com.ng view, Fada Oluoma should be in his late 30s or early 40s.
Fada Oluoma Birthday:
Fada Oluoma is among the priest born in the month of January. He celebrated his birthday on January 25th 2021.
State Of Origin, Hometown:
Which state is Fada Oluoma from? Rev. Fr. John Chineye Oluoma (Fada) originally hails from Imo State in the south-eastern part of Nigeria.
Family, Parents and Siblings:
Fada Oluoma was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Oluoma in Imo State. Much is not known about his father, mother and siblings.

Married, Wife and Children:
Is Fada Oluoma married? Fada Oluoma is not married and has never been married, reason is because he is a priest and priest are not meant to marry and are also not meant to have children as well.

His Career:
Fada Oluoma began his priesthood at a young age before being ordained as priest.

Social Media Profile:
Fada Oluoma is very active on social media where he do post his sermon, preaching and messages. See his social media handles:
Instagram Page:
Facebook Page:

His Net Worth:
How much does Fada Oluoma worth? Fada Oluoma is a prominent priest in Abuja. He is one of the most influential and anointed Preacher, Teacher, Counselor and Musician in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of about $300,000 US dollars.

Fada Oluoma Messages:
Below is some of Rev. Fr. John Chineye Oluma messages/Sermon
GOD OF TIME AND ETERNITY (Gen 17:1-22)–By Fada Oluoma
“God called Abram when he was 70 years old. Ps 90 says “our span is 70 or 80 for those who are strong” It means that Abram started “life” at the age of retirement and exit from the world. In TIME, that’s already too late. 
29 years later, God appears to the old man and makes same promise of an heir that he’s been making to Abram for God knows how long😢
At this point Abram laughed. The old man couldn’t help but be amused at how he and Sarah could have a biological son at 100 and 90 years old respectively. I think Abram resisted the temptation of telling God: ” I’ve heard and had enough, don’t worry, hold your promise I don’t need it any more”  
Abram respectfully told God to just let Ishmael live. That was his pious way of expressing disillusionment with the whole ISAAC thing.
God still insisted that Abraham and Sarah will have a child the following year. They would be 100 and 90 when Isaac finally arrives. 
We often say and sing ABRAHAM’S BLESSINGS ARE MINE, but I wonder if we have ever thought about Abraham’s faith. 
What if Abraham had died before Isaac came? 🤔, would that have made him unfortunate and miserable? I don’t think so. Abraham wasn’t miserable with the delay of Isaac, he didn’t measure his relationship with God by that gift. Symbolically he was dead before he received that promise. This is one of the reasons he is called our father in faith.
There are Christians, especially in Africa, who are miserable today because they got no male children. They have daughter but feel cheated or owed by God. Now Obama, former president of America and some others like him have just one or two daughters only and are perfectly happy with themselves. They are more Abrahamic than most churchy people who are miserably chasing one miracle or the other. 

Did God come late in Abraham’s case? No. 
Listen, God doesn’t come late, God doesn’t come early either. In fact, God doesn’t come on time. God comes IN HIS TIME. 
Which leaves me with one more question before I let you go: IS GOD’S TIME THE BEST, as we often enthus piously? You can’t sincerely answer this question until you are that parent that buries a 20 or 30 years old son or daughter, that lady who is yet to marry at the age of 40, that married couple yet to have a baby after 20 years in marriage, that graduate yet to get a job after 20 years of graduation, that 28 years old “jambite” still searching for admission, that family still looking for one major breakthrough etc. 
in all of these, we cannot replicate Abraham’s faith if we lack his attitude. He learnt to serve God without inducement. The possibility and promise of miracle were not his drive, motives and motivation in serving God. Abraham, it seems, was ready to exit this earth still faithful to God even if Isaac didn’t happen. 

when we grow above the enticements of miracles and other mouth watering offers in our walk with God, then shall we understand the meaning of Abraham’s blessings. There’s a blessing of flourishing in freedom from enticements. 
It’s awesome to have both the blessings and faith of Abraham”

“The fiery sun blazed like an infuriated warrior ready to incinerate his foes on that typically dry season day in the Northern part of Nigeria where I grew. 
Coming out and even staying indoors(for the poor ones without AC and electricity in homes) looked exactly like torture. Yet people had to survive and so dared the merciless sun. 
I remember squatting in the veranda that hot afternoon when a man pushing a cart, howling as the sweats cascaded his face and soaked tattered clothing, stopped in from of our “yard”
Despite his dirty torn clothes, I didn’t mistake him for a car mechanic, his type are a common sight in our environment. We call them “baban bola” (thrash men). They were young guys who 
foraged public and private waste dumps for scraps to sell. 
This man, however, was different. Long story short, he paid people for bottles, cans and similar household items that were no longer useful. He bought people’s thrashes😬😳😲😲

Who wouldn’t want to exchange his thrashes for some quids🤓 what news could be sweeter than having some guy come around to collect your thrash and oil your palms at same time with some crispy notes😄😃
Well, I got good news for y’all. This is exactly what God does for us. Lent is that special season when the church reminds us of this “too good to be true” stuff God does for us. 
Ash Wednesday begins lent, so I’m here to remind you to take out the thrashes of your life and hand them to God. Isa 61:3 is a summary of how God takes our thrashes and pays us handsomely for them. We, however, have to give them to him. 
Luke 6:38 says give and you shall be given. So we are gonna give God our ASHES and receive BEAUTY. The ashes placed on our foreheads reminds us of our nothingness without God, and how God fills us up. 
We give:
A= Affection. Who and what has your affection will determine the quality and direction of your life. Affection is same thing as love. Let’s return out affection to God and all that is noble

S= Sins. Isa 1:18 makes it clear that God doesn’t consider our sins too much for His mercy and cleansing. Let’s hurry and drop all of them at his feet. 
H= Heart. Our hearts are just thrash cans and waste bins if God isn’t occupying them. So, this is the season to give God our hearts like never before. 
E= Emptiness. Even psychologists and humanists have agreed that the unbridled quest for material things and carnal pleasures are diagnostics of emptiness looking for stuff to fill it up. Let’s give God our emptiness(those cravings, desires and thirsts) to fill us up with his grace and presence
S= Sorrows. Oh yea, I’m sure we got adequate doses of it. Let’s also give our sorrows to God for His blessings. He will turn our sorrows into joy. 

So, these are the ASHES we give to Him. Below are the BEAUTY He gives us:
B= Blessing. Prov 10:23 says the blessing of the Lord maketh rich and adds no sorrow. May God give us blessings that bring sorrows to end in the name of Jesus Christ. It’s a beautiful thing. 
E= Encounter. God makes life changing encounters with himself and destiny helpers possible. This is a beauty I pray you receive. 
A= Abundance. God gives us abundant life and grace. 
U= Unction. We all need the unction to function for God in the spirit realm. This unction makes spiritual exploits possible. Receive it. 
T=Transformation. God brings transformation into our lives. It makes the difference between our past and our present.  
Y=Yearning. When our yearnings are transformed from carnal to noble things, our souls and life radiate beauty. 
Have a fruitful Lenten season.
“And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build MY CHURCH; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. Mtt 16:18

It doesn’t take much to build ANY church nowadays. A combination of charism, oratory, media hype, sensational preaching, staged or real miracle, fanciful name, choice location, “God told me or showed me” claims and novelty can get you ANY church. 
If you are good at it you will have members who are too high on “piety” to notice when you double speak and contradict yourself, in fact they will even defend your glaring inconsistency with texts from scripture. That’s how ‘ANY church’ can be built.
But you see “MY church” of Mtt 16:18, it was not built on any of those things. It was not built on charismatic personalities or all the attractive things of today’s ANY CHURCH, it was built on THE ROCK. This is the singular reason it has survived and unconquered by the gates of hell for more than 2 millennia since it was established. 

Charismatic people have left it and gone, it has remained. Royalties, rulers, saints, sinners, good and bad alike, powerful and insignificant persons have fought it and left, it still stands.
MY CHURCH doesn’t depend on any individual, not even a pope no matter how charismatic or influential he is for survival and continuity. This MY CHURCH built by the Lord himself has outlived civilizations and empires. 
My dear friend, don’t let anyone make you think he’s the foundation of MY CHURCH, don’t be a fanatic instead of a believer. Believers follow and listen to MY CHURCH, fanatics follow personalities. May God order our steps”.

Fada Oluoma talks about the Macedonian, Corinthians and Magusian givers. In his post, he wrote:
“And now, brothers and sisters, we want you to know about the grace that God has given the Macedonian churches. In the midst of a very severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. Entirely on their own, they urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the Lord’s people.” 2Cor 8:1-4.
The text above was an appeal by apostle Paul to the Corinthians for financial support to the poor and the gospel commission. Please read it carefully, it is very simple to comprehend.
1. Obviously the Macedonians were extremely generous despite their poverty. So, generous people don’t give because they are rich, they give because they are good or generous. It doesn’t take wealth to be a giver, all it takes is a good heart

2. The Corinthians were richer but reluctant to give. This neccessitated Paul’s “appeal” and persuasive encouragement to them to imitate the Macedonians. Some people will not give until they are persuaded or motivated. 
3. We have both Macedonian and Corinthian givers in our churches. The Macedonian givers are inspired from deep within by the Holy Spirit to give for any good cause. They give even when it hurts😭😭. May ministers of the gospel never abuse these givers and their gifts.
The Corinthian givers only part with their money when they are pushed hard enough. They give by extra motivation and persuasion. 
4. There is another set of givers which I christen THE MAGUSIANS. I coined the name from Simon Magus. He was a magician who got converted and offered money to Peter to receive the ability to make people receive the Holy Spirit. All these drama took place in Acts 8:9-24. Peter told him in verse 20: “may your money perish with you, BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD BUY GOD’S GIFT WITH MONEY”
5. The Magusian givers are christians who subtly and piously want to use their material gifts to either buy or induce God for the gifts and blessings He freely gives. There is a subtle difference between the Corinthian givers and the Magusian givers. While the Corinthians need persuasion to give, sometimes pep talk, Paul didn’t offer them any favor from God in exchange for their generosity. In fact, the closest Paul came is in 2Cor 9:10-12.

6. The Magusian givers in our churches are the creations of men of God who are more concerned with raising money than RAISING TRUE FAITH. They replace persuasion or encouragement to give with transaction. A “Corinthian giver” should be persuaded or encouraged to give by the worthiness of the cause, gratitude and God’s blessings. 
7. God rewards and blesses generosity. Yet God is not transactional, he’s not an idol that takes something from a client before giving a favor. None of Jesus’ miracles were solicited or exchanged for a material gift from the receiver. We must kill this “transactional gospel and it’s god” before it kills true faith.
8. If transactional gospel is true, at least half of the congregations of the men of God who preach it should be as wealthy as their ministers who romp in opulence, or have all the problems for which they “sow such seeds” solved. 

9. Tithe, offering, seed, first fruits, harvest and bazaar, launching etc are just different ways of giving to God, there is none that has any special, specific and inviolable favor attached to it. God doesn’t prefer any to the other. What God prefers is a cheerful and generous giver.
10. As a Christian, you have a duty and an obligation to support your church financially and materially as much as God has blessed you. Be a Macedonian. GIVE BECAUSE THERE IS A NEED NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE IN NEED. This is the deducible principle of the Macedonians. Stop making God look transactional, stop fuelling this transactional gospel. A reward is the prerogative of the rewarder, it’s not negotiable. God rewards and doesn’t trade”.
“May God bless all givers to God and humanity in the name of Jesus Christ”.
THE 3D IDENTITY –By Fada Oluoma
“The scorpion and the fish were great buddies. Though the scorpion was a noisy Chelsea fan(😎)and the fish a staunch Arsenal fan, their rivalries in football even made their friendship stronger and more exciting.
At the end of the 2021 UCL finals which Chelsea deservedly won in Portugal (no thanks to Pep Guardiola’s uncharacteristic tactical error; playing a rock solid chelsea team without a defensive midfielder and good striker🙄🙄), the duo decided to cross over to the other side and celebrate.

Naturally the scorpion depended on his fish friend to cross him over the water, but not until the fish got a commitment from his buddy not to sting him.
Everything went well until the final lap of the swim. Just as they got to the bank and the fish was about to toss his scorpion friend to the bank, he got stunned by a sting.😟😰
“You promised not to sting me, why did you do that?” Protested a visibly shaken fish in pains.
” You are my friend, we’ve been friends for long, 
I wouldn’t deliberately do anything to hurt you. I didn’t sting you bc I wanted to, I stung you bc it’s in my NATURE to sting” replied the scorpion in an incredibly contrite tone😮😮
Na the matter we still dey settle now.😂
However, is our NATURE responsible for our ACTIONS and our HABITS? Not really and not necessarily. Nature gives capacity, personality takes responsibility. 
Nature provides energy or ability while personality gives direction. The ability or capacity for hatred is same needed for love. The ability to destroy is same needed to build. Personality is what decides what the capacity will be used for. 
It’s NOT Natural to build or destroy, it’s JUST natural to have the capacity, desire or ability to build or destroy. Then it’s personality that decides to use the capacity to build or destroy.

By nature the devil is still an angel just like Arc angel Mike and Gabby, but by personality he or she is evil. Having consistently practiced evil, his identity is evil bc you are what you do.
Some scientists use uranium to build nuclear bombs, same uranium is used to generate power for domestic and industrial use. Same material, same capacity but different persons. 
Your identity is who you become with the nature you are given. NATURE + PERSONALTY=IDENTITY
Today is the solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. Our Gospel reading comes from Mtt 28:16-20. A part of it reads ” baptise them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”.
Why baptise them in the name of the three persons of the Trinity? Because that act gives them the Trinitarian nature(grace). In Gen 1, human beings were the only creatures made in the image of God. 
Since God is a Trinity, human beings share in that grace, that’s why you have only one human nature but diverse people. At fall in the garden of Eden, that Trinitarian grace was lost, hence the need for baptism and redemption in Christ Jesus. So baptism restores us to our Trinitarian identity, our 3D identity.

The Trinitarian grace here is that our diversity isn’t a cause or curse for disunity and strife. It’s not natural or human to be divisive, belligerent and atavistic bc we are different, it’s a problem of personality. Unity is a deliberate action where there is diversity, the grace is there.
Your 3D identity is learning to express the image of the Trinity in whom you were made and into whom you have been mystically configured by baptism. 
God loves bc God is love. We can love bc we share God’s nature. So, from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we acquire our 3D identities as we develop our personalities to love, care, forgive, create good atmospheres, serve others, be kind, distribute blessings and other acts of godliness. 
Your 3D Identity is YOU trying to replicate what God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit has empowered you by grace to do.
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end, amen. 

Happy Trinity Sunday y’all, may God bless you as we begin a new week and new month, may the coming month bring you better things than the past ones, in the name of Jesus Christ.
And congratulations to all Chelsea fans here once more😃😃”
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