Father Chinenye John Oluoma, Blast Presidents, Senators, Reps & Governors Says They’re Witches Killing People (Video)

Nigerian catholic priest, Father Chinenye John Oluoma has blasted some some politicians, presidency ,civil servant , house of rep members and people in the government houses.

In the video making rounds online, according to the priest he said the witches and wizards am talking about they are the Presidency, in the national assembly ,the Senators, in the government houses , they are governors, politicians, civil servants and contractors.

He went further to said they are Hausas, Igbos, Yorubas, they are Catholics, Pentecostals, Protestants ,Christians and Muslims.

He said forget about those witches Pastors are shouting about, the witches and wizards that have killed thousands of people are the President, Governors, Senators, House of Assembly, Politicians, Civil Servants and Contractors, They are the one holding your destiny in Aso rock not the one Pastors are trying to deliver.

This has spark some reactions online, as many said they are thinking about the safety of the priest.

Listen To The Video Below,

This catholics priest said the witches or winches in Nigeria are Presidents, Senators, HOR members, Governors, HOA members, Civil Servants & contractors..

Because they’ve killed more people than those witches Pastors are shouting about.

Watch & RT. pic.twitter.com/DsKoutwxgp

— Tosin Olugbenga (@TosinOlugbenga) November 9, 2019

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