FCMB Study Abroad Loan | EAS Benefits & Application Form

Do you wish to study abroad? FCMB Study Abroad Loan is all you need to finance your trip to any country of your choice. This helps you utilize the opportunity to pursue your dreams and desired career.

The Educational Advisory Services of FCMB provides financial assistance and motivate students who want to study abroad.

Pursuing a career within your residual can be very costly but more costly when it has to be conducted abroad. It is equally of immense benefits and filled with fruitful experiences that make one a better person.

The reason behind the study abroad loan sponsored by FCMB is to help committed and responsible students attain international Education at an absolutely low cost.

These loans are enough to cover every expense that will be incurred as the study progresses. The maximum amount that could be borrowed by the students is 20 million. This will be more than sufficient to pursue a life choice of career.

More, the loan is never restrictive but it offers students the greater opportunity to study in any country of their choice such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, United States of America, Australia, Ireland, Dubai, Netherlands, and more.

The degree programs can be extended to anyone you wish just like Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, pharmacy, Business Management, and a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.

The FCMB Study Abroad Loan is given with certain terms and conditions that govern the transactions made and a repayment time or period is stated clearly. This means that students have to work hard to measure up.

The actual repayment period for Abroad Loans is fixed for a space-time of 2 years. This was carefully examined to make sure that the student gets enough time to work on paying back.

It is clear that studying internationally lifts the standard of education for a graduate or post-graduate, a better living, and Job Opportunities, and that is the reason why you should apply for FCMB Study Abroad Loan to help you achieve a better and bright future.

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FCMB Study Abroad Loan | Get a Loan To Study Abroad In Nigeria

About FCMB Education Advisory Services

This is a highly proven banking service that offers a full range of monetary assistance to the future leaders of tomorrow with a little interest rate and repayment duration.

In a very comfortable and convenient manner, your finances can be well utilized if you trust the FCMB EAS to deliver their job well. This can be achieved when they manage your account through credit cards, foreign currency Deposit accounts,s and so on through Internet Banking.

This team also help individuals and student who want to study abroad to get the needed assistance possible in terms of the new learning techniques that they will be exposed to.

Benefits of Using EAS to Obtain Abroad Loan

Traveling abroad involves many stages which must be observed such as getting a visa and selecting the course to study and the university of their choice online. This awareness is created through this great board created by the corporation of MOD group and FCMB.

Benefits associated with studying Abroad are so numerous such as:

  • Special reduced exchange discount,
  • Low fees payment
  • Deposit rate at an affordable price
  • No banking charge on any transfers made
  • Reduced Travel expenses

These privileges are only made possible because it is international and knowledge has increased at a higher pace. Make use of the FCMB Study Abroad Loan to enjoy the many benefits available.

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How to Apply for FCMB Study Abroad Loan

To enjoy the privileges that come with studying abroad, you need to take the bold step to apply. An easy and step to step guide have been provided below:

  • Have an internet-connected device
  • Using the web browser, open the bank’s official site fcmb.com
  • You will be directed to the homepage of the platform
  • Use your pointer to scroll down to locate “Loans” under Business Banking
  • When you’ve seen it click on the prompt, you will be directed to a fresh page
  • Search for School Aid Facility follow the instructions on the screen to complete the loan form application.
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Carefully follow the above steps to visit the website to apply for the loan. Also, note that response may take some days to enable verification and other vital protocols observed

FCMB Study Abroad Loan Form Application

You may have been searching on how to apply to get a chance to Study Abroad, here is the perfect place to get all you’ve been looking for. A simplified way to go about filling out the online form is provided below.

  • To start with you need to get the right link for the application
  • Go through the university website to obtain the link
  • Click on the link provided to apply
  • Next is to proceed to give out detailed personal information as required in the form, such as your name, Email Address, Nationality, choice of course study, study duration, and so on
  • Check closely for any error in spelling that might have occurred and proofread
  • Now you can click on the submit button and wait for approval

Closing Date for Application

Each institution has its own space and time, and the calendar also differs. So the deadline as to when the submission of files will end depends solely on the university you want to apply to.

Meanwhile to see the closing dates for each university it is best that you contact the websites and get the needed information. Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Last Words

FCMB Study Abroad Loan makes the best offers when it comes to student support loans and it is very convenient as the repayment period is 2 years.

It is comfortable to apply for the loan as it requires no collateral and zero charges for any transactions made.

It is important to note that the bank has not officially signed the Abroad Study Loan but when that is done you will be notified. You can fill out the form to get notifications on the provided email address to know when it clicks.

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To keep getting more updates and information about FCMB and their Study Abroad Loan, continue reading this article.

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