Fulani Herdsmen Abandon His Cows And Shows Off His Dancing Skills In Rivers(Video) -

Fulani Herdsmen Abandon His Cows And Shows Off His Dancing Skills In Rivers(Video)

A fulani herdsmen showing off his dancing skills has scatterd the social media.

He was spotted dancing and setting one of Olamide song on fire with his dance skills.

In the video footage the herdsmen abandon his cows and shows off his dancing skills this happened today in Rivers State.

These are the real Nigerian Fulani we know and grew up with, not those French speaking Devils. This guy is a whole vibe and grooving on the beat!

See reactions and watch the video below,

John anda :This guy is a Nigerian herdsman not the dangerous foreign ones.

Abd-Ganiyy Tolu Noah: This is one Nigeria people of positive minds believe and support. One love one nation

Kefas Sanchez Ozil : Fulani they groove too. At least we are seeing that they are humans like me and you. Na trade/way of life separate us with this guy. Guy can dance 👐🏽

Stephen Ughagwu : It’s actually our leaders(evil), that sows that evil seed that separates us. Look at that video and see how both the fulani and the other people were playing together.

dejienna : This is what Nigeria is suppose to be, Herdsmen are not just Fulani, they can be anyone that finds the job attractive.I love when different tribes interacts with no restricting Or limiting factor.
I feel dancing with him.
#PS I dance better btw.😉

MorganFreakman : The Nigeria we always pray for

Abdulaxis : Nigeria will be an unstoppable country with peace & joy radiating among it’s people. The sudden smile on my face while watching this

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Watch The Video Below⤵

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