Full Video-Actress Maryam Booth React To Her Video That Leaked Online

Kannywood actress, Maryam Booth has emerged as the number one trending topic on social media; after her nude video leaked online.
Maryam Booth is a 26-year-old award-winning Kannywood actress nude video was leaked by a twitter user leaked a nude video of the actress as she was about to dress up..

In the video, the actress was preparing to dress up; when she realised she was being recorded unclad. She also went on to stop the recording; from the other party immediately she noticed what was going on.

Maryam’s nude video has now joined a handful of nude videos that have also been uploaded on social media; every now and then. It is uncertain if the video was published out of spite; however, she put an end to the video with immediate effect.

We are yet to ascertain the person behind the camera doing the recording at this time. Viewer’s discretion is advised for this three-second clip.

Maryam Booth has come under intense scrutiny on social media; after a n*de video surfaced online. Her fans could not hide their disappointment; as they asked her to seek forgiveness from God. The nude content received condemnation; from various commenters who were livid at the post.

Several of her fans who have held her in high esteem were appalled by the content. A particular commenter mentioned that the actress should be careful; as well as avoid promiscuity.

Read some comments garnered from Maryam’s comment section below.

Watch The Full Video Below,

— Ogbame Justus (@ogbame_justus) February 7, 2020

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