Giddyfia BBNaija: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Cars, Siblings, House, Gideon Nwawo BBN Wife.


Giddyfia BBNaija: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Cars, Siblings, House, Gideon Nwawo BBN Wife, Mother, Father, Sister.

In This, You Will Find All You Need To Know About BBN Star, Giddyfia BBNaija: His Biography, Real Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Profile, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Wives, Partner, Wedding, Children, Date of Birth, Birthday, State of Origin, Nationality, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Sister, Brother, Career, Education, Height, Weight, Ethnicity, Tribe, House, Cars, Instagram, Twitter, Photos, IG Pictures.


Real Full Name Gideon Anieti Nwawo
Nickname Giddyfia (BBNaija)
Date of Birth October 20, 1997
Age 25 Years Old (as of 2022)
State of Origin Akwa Ibom State
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Christianity
Parents Mr. and Mrs. Nwawo
Wife, Spouse, Girlfriend Not Married, Diana
Occupation Model, Fitness Enthusiast, Engineer
Net Worth $10,000

Biography and Wiki:
Who is Giddyfia BBNaija? Giddyfia, his real name Gideon Anieti Nwawo, is a handsome Nigerian engineer, model, fitness enthusiast, and reality TV star. He is a contestant in Big Brother Naija season 7 (Level Up), competing against 25 other housemates.
Gideon Anieti Nwawo is known in the Big Brother Naija season 7 house as Giddyfia hails from Ikot Ekpene Local government Area in Akwa Ibom State.
Giddyfia is a fitness enthusiast and rising social media personality. His appearance in Big Brother Naija season 7 has brought him fame, attracting many netizens’ attention.
Gideon Anieti Nwawo came to prominence as the 24th housemate to enter into the Big Brother Naija season seven (7) tagged: “Level Up” Giddyfia is among the BBNaija contestants rooting to win the 100 million naira prize money.
He is one of the big brother Naija S7 housemates mostly known for his nice physique, and black skin and made it known he is not just in the house competing for the 100 million prizes but said he is bringing contagious vibes and cruise to the house. His confidence in winning is really on the high side.

Giddyfia BBNaija Date of Birth:
When was Giddyfia BBNaija born? Gideon Anieti Nwawo better known as Giddyfia was born on October 20th, 1997.
Giddyfia BBNaija Age:
How old is Giddyfia (BBN)? Giddyfia whose real name is Gideon Anieti Nwawo is currently 24 years old as of 2021. He will be 25 years of age by October 2022.
Giddyfia BBN Birthday:
Giddyfia BBNaija celebrates his birthday every year in October. He celebrated his 24th birthday on the 20th of October, 2022. The model and fitness guru will be celebrating his 25th birthday party on October 20th, 2022.
Giddyfia BBNaija State of Origin:
Which state is Giddyfia BBNaija from? Giddyfia BBNaija is a native of Akwa Ibom State, South southern part, Nigeria. He hails from Ikot Ekpene Local government Area in Akwa Ibom State.
Giddyfia BBNaija Tribe:
What tribe is Giddyfia? Tribally he belongs to the Annang tribe and speaks the language fluently and seems to so much love his culture.
Giddyfia BBN Religion:
What religion is Giddyfia BBNaija, is he Muslim or Christian? Giddyfia was brought up by a Christian parent making him Christianity, not a Muslim. Though the church he attends is not known.
Family, Parents, and Siblings:
Giddyfia was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Nwawo. He came from a family of four (4). This includes his father, mother, and his sibling sister. Giddyfia’s parents separated when he was still at a tender age.


Giddyfia BBN Father:
Who is Giddyfia BBN’s father, name, and pictures? Giddyfia’s father is Mr. Nwawo, a Nigerian from Annang, Akwa Ibom State. There are no pictures of Mr. Nwawo as well as information about him cannot be found on the internet.
Giddyfia BBN Mother:
Who is Giddyfia’s mother, name, and pictures? Giddyfia BBnaija’s mother’s name is Mrs. Grace Nwawo. Giddyfia’s mother is a graduate of the University of Calabar, Nigeria. Mrs. Grace Nwawo is a medical doctor based in Akwa Ibom State. Giddyfia’s mother is currently 53 years old, she was born on the 15th of October, 1969.
Giddyfia BBN Sibling Sister:
Who are Giddyfia BBN’s siblings’ sisters? Giddyfia BBNaija has one sibling sister whose name is Ubong Nwawo. Her sister is a graduate of Igbinedion University and she was born on September 7.
Giddyfia and his sister, Ubong Nwawo


Giddyfia BBN Sibling Brothers:
Who is Giddyfia BBNaija’s brother, name, and pictures? Giddyfia does not have a younger or elder brother because they were just two his mum gave birth to.
Educational Background (School):
Giddyfia went through his primary education where he obtained his first school leaving certificate, before attending Liberty College for his secondary education for his senior school certificate then proceeding to Bells University Ota where he read Mechatronics Engineering and graduated on November 2, 2019.


His Career:
Giddyfia has always been a goal-getter and loves being around positive individuals. He quoted that his favorite moment was when he graduated from the university with a good result. Apart from his presence in the big brother house, he is a fitness macho and this has earned him several awards in the university like ‘’male physique of the year’’. Presently he is in the house he has been a great participant in the exercise session and amazing in task performance, indeed he is a smart fellow. We still await and hope to see him at the top.


GiddyFia BBNaija Career:
GiddyFia has always had a passion for entertainment, Bbnaija Giddyfia dreamt of becoming a reality TV star. Therefore, he auditioned for the Big Brother Naija season seven in 2022. Luckily for him, he was selected.
On the 24th of July 2022, he was unveiled as the 20th housemate to enter into the Big Brother Naija (Level Up Season).
Giddyfia whose real full name is Gideon Anieti Nwawo reveals that whatever he chooses to do, he makes sure he does it with passion. The 24-year-old engineer considers himself a hardworking team player with excellent interpersonal skills and lots of creative ideas.
Prone to laughing and joking during serious moments, Giddyfia respects friendships and tries to avoid drama and betrayal at all costs. He has many friends but is careful to let only a few people in.
One of his favorite achievements is graduating from university with top honors. He is a fitness buff and even won the 2019 ‘Male Physique of the Year award in college.
Giddyfia feels he will make a good Housemate because he is kind, caring, smart, and fun to be with. “There are things about me that people will love to see and emulate,” he says.


Height and Weight:
How old is Giddyfia BBNaija? Giddyfia BBNaija stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 75 kg.


Giddyfia BBNaija Tattoo:
Giddyfia does not have tattoos on his body. He might decide to have one in the future.
Relationship, Dating, Engagement:
Who is Giddyfia bbn dating, relationship, engaged? Giddyfia has not disclosed his relationship status but is believed that the model, engineer, and reality tv star is in a relationship, but we currently do not know if he is engaged.

Giddyfia BBN Girlfriend:
Who are Giddyfia BBNaija’s girlfriend, name, and pictures? Giddyfia does not have a girlfriend before coming to big brother Naija’s house but will be considering falling in love in the house.
GiddyFia and Diana BBNaija Relationship:
What happened between GiddyFia and Diana? The two housemates are close and have been seen sharing cozy moments in the show.
GiddyFia – I always want to come to your bedside and look at you but I know you were mad at me and you didn’t want to talk to me, sleep was very hard last night. I was even crying, I’ve just been holding myself
Diana: When you were toasting that Babe, You didn’t know you will cry




Giddyfia Married, Marriage, Wedding:
Is Giddyfia BBNaija married? Giddyfia BBNaija is not married yet and has not done any marriage or wedding ceremony before.
Giddyfia BBNaija Wife/Partner:
Who are Giddyfia BNN’s wife, partner, name, and pictures? No indication showing that Giddyfia has a wife. The talented model, engineer, fitness enthusiast, and reality tv star does not have a wife as of the time of writing this post.
Giddyfia BBNaija Children:
How many children does Giddyfia BBNaija have? Giddyfia’s big brother Naija does not have children at the moment.
His Net Worth:
What is Giddyfia BBNaija’s net worth? Giddyfia makes his money as a model, engineer, fitness coach, and reality tv star, with an estimated net worth of about $10,000 US dollars.
Giddyfia BBNaija House and Cars:
Giddyfia currently lives in a beautiful house and does not have his car at the moment.
Social Media Handles:
Giddyfia’s social media presence is growing massively. Giddyfia is active on various social media platforms. His fan base on the platforms has rapidly increased since joining the Big Brother Naija season 7, Level Up. Here is his social media handle: @Giddy_fia


Giddyfia BBNaija Phone Number:
Giddyfia is yet to reveal his real WhatsApp phone number, you can only contact him via his social media profiles above.
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