“Governor Okezie Ikpeazu Is Lazy and Weak” Aggrieved Abia State PDP Members Fight In Whatsapp Group Listen Below

“Okezie Ikpeazu Is Lazy and Weak” As Fight Burst Out In PDP Abia State Whatsapp Group Listen

PDP Abia State WhatsApp group is currently on fire as aggrieved members aid their views and opinion in their group chat over the March 18th Governorship election.

They expressed their feelings on how Governor Ikpeazu is being lazy and weak. As translated below see what the said.

One of the members who spoke in the Ngwa dialect said “My people good morning, let me not speak English you guys have been seeing my write up I am not happy because I am supposed to have traveled back to where I am based. That the Governor told them to vote for him and forget about everything other thing and they have voted, did everything and still fight on top of it that what is happening”

He went on to say that “I have worked with Diamond Bank before with Alex Otti and I know the kind of person he is if we allow him to win is not only I will EFCC look for, we have voted and did everything but our Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is weak. He said Alex Otti rigged the election where was he when Alex Otti was rigging the election that he is the number citizen of Abia Chief Executive, that everything is in his hand, Army is in your hand, DSS is in your hand, Ohafia, Asa is in your hand that whatever he said is what will stand that where was he an individual, an ordinary citizen to pocket Abia. That how much does he have that Ikpeazu doesn’t have as a Governor.

He said that is what am saying if they bring out money stakeholders will eat the money while others suffer just to protect interest by working in different positions and that he is happy because he delivered his PDP candidate Kikas in Osioma Ngwa south constituency. That he is calling on Governor Okezie Ikepazu and Kikas to know what to do because if Alex Otti wins that they are in trouble.

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Another member of the group Big Joe said “To be truthful that our Governor has disgraced them that Ngwa people don’t use to be soft, that Ikpeazu is too lazy for goodness sake that is it because he didn’t struggle to be Governor. He said does the Governor knows what power is incumbent power is at all.

That Governor Ikpeazu doesn’t have a plan, that he did not plan well for this election or he just entered and carry a woman that he is very lazy and that the laziness is in his face and he is not smart. How can you tell me that Bend L.G.A, Umuahia North, and Umuahia South have such a margin of votes that has not happened before? He said that Alex Otti passes him everywhere or is it that Alex Otti is more intelligent than him or is people working for Alex Otti smarter than those working for Ikpeazu the incumbent Governor? That PDP stakeholders don’t have a strategy that look at how Wike fought in Rivers State that is true he worked for Rivers people and they know their brother Okezie did not do anything so he should have a strong mind to fight.

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