Groom Play Video Of Cheating Wife In Bed With Brother-In-Law At Their Wedding Reception

A groom has played a video of his bride apparently cheating on him with her brother-in-law during their wedding. The video was played for guests immediately after the MC announced that they were going to play a flashback video of the groom and bride’s 2-year-long relationship.

The footage, which has gone viral was shown on a big screen in front of family and friends.

According to online reports, the groom discovered his fiancée had an affair with her pregnant sister’s husband.

The (unverified) 5-minute long sex tape was captured by a hidden camera that was installed in the couple’s new home, featuring his bride cheating with her brother-in-law.

In the video, the pair are seen on stage before the screen behind them switches to show the x-rated flick. Shocked gasps and shouts are heard as the humiliating affair is exposed for all to see.

With his revenge nearly complete, the man says, “You thought I didn’t know?” Then he shoves his unfaithful fiancee. She retaliates by throwing her bouquet at him.

Watch The Video Below,

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