How to Write a Compelling Personal Statement for a University

How to Write a Compelling Personal Statement for a University

Getting into a University is a big step in one’s life. It marks the last stage an individual must partake in before becoming a professional in their chosen field. And to do this and get into a prestigious university, one must fill in the required prerequisites for their admission. A big chunk of these requirements is the personal statement.

A personal statement is one’s reasoning as to why they want to pursue their area of interest. The statement has to be personal of course because it passes as a formal diary of sorts. Listing the happenings and emotions of oneself which drove them to opt for a career in the field they want to get a degree in.
Writing a personal statement can be broken down into small, meaningful steps that we’d love to guide you over. However, before that, do make sure that you equip yourself with optimal internet as it can provide to alleviate a lot of stress when choosing online material to beef up your statement. Centurylink plans offer a wide variety of internet speeds and bundles that keep your scholarly searches and ponderings going. Now, without further ado, let’s get into how to craft the perfect personal statement.


Make a Draft
First things first, don’t fret about coming up with the best personal statement right from the beginning. Initially, just focus on getting your main points down. Don’t worry about making it messy. Just make sure it’s readable. Some helpful tips here would be that you could use different charts and webs to jot down your points.
Brainstorm and unload all of your brains onto a web of cranial goodness. And then start working from the ground up. Focus on building a beginning, middle, and end. Once you have that skeletal structure set up, then you have your draft ready to be polished.


Don’t Rush It
Haste will only get you so far. This document is probably what will secure your entry into university and you don’t want to mess this up. Sit down with a nice, hot cup of tea or let your head refresh and get into the proper gear. Jot down what sounds right. Jot down what your heart and mind both approve of.
Try to make it sound like a conversation with the other person who will be reading your statement. Don’t feel like doing it at that time? Don’t. Go for a walk. Think about what you want to talk about. The trick to writing statements is that you need to spend time away from the table as well if you want to come up with a good piece.

Look Up Examples
Not sure what format to use? Google it. Make use of the best part of this generation. The internet. Look up different examples for personal statements and try incorporating them in your words into your document. There’s a boatload of examples available online and they all tell a different story engagingly. Use this to your advantage to construct an amalgamation of it all but with your own story and reasoning.


Brush Up your Storytelling
The best statements always have the best stories embedded inside them. You don’t have to make it all 100% real. But you do need to make it something exclusive to you. Think about your early childhood days. Pick an event that moved you. If you’re writing to get into medical school then talk about how your playset back in your early days was always a toy medical checkup kit. You’d feel fascinated talking and reading up on the body. The skeletal structure of humans. There are lots to write about when you’re writing from the heart. And it’s also much more believable.


Even if it all sounds right to you. Both on paper and in your head, there may be a slight chance that it is still strewn with mistakes and has general checking errors. It’s a good habit to have another person at the ready who reads your work at the end or side by side so they can offer you advice on where and what you can improve. Having a fresh pair of eyes can ideally also freshen up your writing by providing insightful comments, edits, and feedback. So don’t shy away from feedback.


Submit and Stop Thinking
Think about your application a thousand times. Make edits over and over till you perfect it. Get your peers to go over it for you and iron out any kinks it may have. Do all you possibly can to make it 100% and then go ahead and submit it. And once you’ve submitted it, then stop thinking about it. It’s done. You’ve done all you possibly could and it won’t get any better than what it is now. Pat yourself on the back and now start the waiting game.


Personal statements can get tricky if you’re not writing them with your heart and mind into it. So make sure your head is in the right place and your heart is making words flow out of you smoothly. We’re sure that with this, you’ll have no problem formulating a university-worthy article that’ll be a pleasure to read.

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