“I Will Do Abortion For Your Sake” – Girl Declare Her Love To Boyfriend On Social Media

A young girl took to her social media page to profess her undying love for her boyfriend, saying she will do abortion for him.

The girl identified as Favour Mathias and her boyfriend Edidem Emmanuel went viral for her post on Facebook, vowing to do abortion for his sake.

Her Facebook post reads;

“I asked him. How many times did you come inside. He said just twice. I said what if am pregnant, I told him bby what if moi mum finds out. He told me den we will flush it Edidem Emmanuel dad mii. I’ll do abortion for your sake. Anything for you bby even it its to leave my parents. I will do that to make you happy. I will not leave you for another guy. If not for andrew liver salr you always give me, I’ll be pregnant by now.”

Noticing that the post had gone viral quickly, Fvour changed her profile name from Favour Mathias to “Mhiz Fevvy”.

Favour and her boyfriend received several backlash for the post and she went on to defend him, calling him “dad” while excited that they “don blow”.

He wrote;

Psalm 23

The lord is my shepherd

All ur curses has been return back

In jesus name Amen Edidem Emmanuel dad rest ur case

Ke we don blow

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