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In This Article You Are Going To Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Tiktoker, A.I Jarvis Better Known As Jadrolita: Her Real Name, Family, Siblings, Married, Husband, Nationality, Ethnicity, Tribe, House, Cars, Boyfriend, Child, Date of Birth, Age, Birthday, Place of Birth, Biography, Wikipedia, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Education, Career, Height, Weight, Instagram, Net Worth, Pictures, and Lots of More.

Jadrolita Wiki: Data Information

Nickname Jadrolita or A.I Jarvis or African A.I
Real Name Amadou Elizabeth Aminata
Year of Birth 2002
Jadrolita Age 21 (as of 2023)
Jadrolita Parents Mr. and Mrs. Amadou
State of Origin Edo State
Nationality Nigerian
Boyfriend/Husband Peller ( Alleged)
• Jadrolita Height

• Jadrolita Weight

5 feet 6 inches


Occupation Content Creator, Tiktoker, Instagram Influencer
Her Net Worth $100, 000

Let me start by explaining the term “J.A.R.V.I.S.” It stands for “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.” while (AI) means artificial intelligence. J.A.R.V.I.S. serves as the AI assistant to actor Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. In the comic movie, J.A.R.V.I.S. and Vision are portrayed as highly advanced artificial intelligence with human-like characteristics and personalities. This explanation is based on popular Tiktoker Jadrolita who is currently portraying the same behaviour of the AI called Jarvis.

Jadrolita (A.I Jarvis) Biography and Wiki

Who is A.I Jarvis or Jadrolita? Jadrolita formerly known as AI Jarvis happens to be one of the most beautiful fast-rising content creators, TikTok star, and Instagram sensation.

Jadrolita also known as A.I Jarvis is gorgeous and has a unique way of creating her content. She is a very skillful and highly talented star making waves in the social media space. A.I Jarvis is currently the most talked about TikTok sensation due to the style of content she created by mimicking robots.

The TikTok sensation Jadrolita came to the limelight after posting one of her videos on TikTok and it went viral on social media since then Jadrolita has become famous and is being followed by popular celebrities.

Jadrolita formerly known as A.I Jarvis is well-known for emulating robots and these acts gave her rise to stardom and has also gained a huge number of followers on social media and in addition to mimicking robots has a flawless body which she displays on her social media pages.

Jadrolita or African A.I walked like a robot, turning as if somebody was controlling her with a button. A lot of social media users have praised Jadrolita and described her as a talented superstar. So her fans said they would like to see her in a movie.

Jadrolita is rated as the most sought-after robot in Africa and is being hyped as African number 1 A.I due to that she has made garnered followers on social media as celebrities like Funke Akindele, Don Jazzy, Moyo Lawal, Tolu Odunsi, Egungu of Lagos, Abidemi Awotale, Whitemoney, Hemes Iyele, Phoebe Odekina Esohe Ejura, and so many others are following her.

Jadrolita (A.I Jarvis) Real Name

What is Jadrolita’s (A.I Jarvis) real name? Jadrolita has her real name as Amadou Elizabeth Aminata but is fondly called by her nickname Jadrolita or Affican A.I or A.I Jarvis. Her parents named her Elizabeth Aminata.

Jadrolita State of Origin and Tribe

Which state is A.I Jadrolita from? Jadrolita (A.I Jarvis) hails from Edo State in the South Southern part of Nigeria. What tribe is Jadrolita (A.I Jarvis)? Jadrolita tribe is Edoid. She speaks the Edoid language and Yoruba respectively.

Jadrolita Age, Date of Birth, and Birthday

How old is Jadrolita? The TikTok star whose real name is Amadou Elizabeth Aminata better known as Jadrolita is 21 years of age. The talented robot mimicker was born in the year 2002 but her birth month and day are not known at the time of writing this article. Jadrolita celebrated her 21st birthday party last year 2023. The TikTok and Instagram star is well known for celebrating her birthday every year and will be commemorating her 22nd birthday party this year 2024.

Family, Parents, and Siblings

Jadrolita born Amadou Elizabeth Aminata birthed into the family of Mrs. and Mrs. Amadou in Benin City, Edo State. Jadrolita’s parents are based in Benin City, Edo State. Her father is from Edo State while her mother is from Yoruba. Jadrolita has siblings brothers and sisters. Jadrolita once posted a video of her and the brother on her TikTok page.

Jadrolita (A.I Jarvis) Religion

Is Jadrolita a Christian or Muslim? Jadrolita was born and raised in a Christian faith. Her father or mother is not a Muslim but a Christian. Jadrolita was taught the things of God and to follow Christ’s way and this has kept her going as she is following God’s way. Based on that we can say that Jadrolita is a Christian by religion, not a Muslim.

Jadrolita Height and Weight

How tall is Jadrolita? Amadou Elizabeth Aminata known as Jadrolita stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs approximately 68kg

Jadrolita Educational Background

Jadrolita attended her primary and secondary school in Benin City, Edo State. After obtaining her Junior and secondary school certificate with flying colours proceeded to Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State where she is currently a 300-level undergraduate student of the varsity. Jadrolita’s course of study or discipline is not known yet but should be an art student.

Jadrolita (A.I Jarvis) Career

Amadou Elizabeth Aminata better known as Jadrolita and formerly known as A.I Jarvis started her career in 2022 when she began posting on TikTok but started mimicking robots in 2023 which has made her famous on social media. Jadrolita’s dedication to her character is exceptional. Jarvis doesn’t just wear the costume; she becomes the character. Her speech, motions, and expressions all align seamlessly with the personality of an AI robot.

Jadrolita is such a beautiful and very smart girl and her level of commitment to her craft has earned her a dedicated fan base who are excited not only by her creativity but also by her impeccable performance of the most intriguing aspects of Jadrolita’s online presence is her name and the meaning behind it.

Jadrolita has revealed that “Jarvis” stands for “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.” This acronym flawlessly encapsulates her robotic alter ego, expanding profundity and significance to her character making Jadrolita’s performance even more remarkable in the mystery surrounding her genuineness.

Jarvis rise to fame has made her featured by comedians such Lord Lamba, Slimcase, EdoBoy Comedy, Phoebe, etc. A.I Jarvis also known as Jadrolita visited music singer and songwriter Ugoccie in her home in which she was given Euro.

Relationship Status, and Dating

Is Jadrolita in a relationship? Jadrolita a.k.a A.I Jarvis probably may be in a serious relationship but the TikTok and Instagram influencer is yet to reveal the man she is dating or in a relationship with.

Jadrolita Boyfriend

Who is Jadrolita’s boyfriend? Jadrolita is rumoured to be dating Tiktoker Peller as her boyfriend but is all lies as neither Peller nor Jadrolita have confirmed the rumour. Peller and Jadrolita are just good friends who have great content together.

Jadrolita and Peller In A Skit

Who is Peller? Biography and Age

Born Habeeb Hamzat better known as Peller, is a Nigerian comic tiktoker and Instagram sensation known for his unusual blend of Yoruba and English words in her videos. Peller was born in the year 2003 and is currently 20 years of age.

Jadrolita Married, Husband and Wedding

Is Jadrolita married? Jadrolita is not married yet and does not have a husband at the moment. The talented content creator is still a young girl in her early 20s and is only focusing on building her career to a certain level as well as graduating from University and doing her NYSC before talking about marriage and having a white wedding. Jadrolita has set a goal for herself and wants to achieve it before thinking of her husband.

Jadrolita Net Worth

What is A.I Jarvis net worth? Jadrolita formerly A.I Jarvis is a very talented and highly creative content creator who is focused on entertaining her fans and followers. Jadrolita has a unique way of creating content by mimicking robots and her creativity and hard work have paid off as she is currently making money through her content. Jadrolita getting up there to be tagged as one of the richest content creators. As of the time of writing this article, Jadrolita has an estimated net worth of about $100,000 US Dollars.

Jadrolita (A.I Jarvis) House

Jadrolita still lives in her parent’s house at the moment because she is yet to build a house of her own but will do so when the time comes. Jadrolita travels between Edo State and Lagos State for content creation while still attending school.

Jadrolita (A.I Jarvis) Cars

Amadou Elizabeth Aminata popularly known as Jadrolita a.k.a AI Jarvis sometime last year splashed Millions of Naira to buy her first car. The Tiktoker bought for herself a Toyota Camry 2005 model. Camry cars are seen as perfect for most buyers because of their fuel economy, spaciousness, consistency, and smooth performance when driving. The 2005 Toyota Camry is a famous sedan in Nigeria, known for its reliability, comfort, and fuel efficiency. The 2005 Camry model is a sought-after car in the country.

Jadrolita Social Media Profile

Jadrolita is now a public figure in Nigeria and Africa as well. She is known to be African number 1 A.I. Jadrolita has built he fan base on social media and she keeps getting followers day by day. She has more than 455k followers on her verified Instagram account. A.I Jarvis is very popular on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube due to her outstanding performance as a robot.

You can follow her on her verified Instagram Page: @Jadrolita_

Jadrolita Tiktok Page: @Amadou_Elizabeth

Jadrolita Facebook Page: JA DRO Lita

Jadrolita Youtube Channel: Jadrolita_

Jadrolita WhatsApp Phone Number

Show me Jadrolita’s phone number. Jadrolita’s (A.I Jarvis) phone number is not available at the moment the reason for security purposes but you can contact Jarvis or Jadrolita via her social media handles above.

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