Ladies And Gentlemen, See Best Save In The History Of Football For You(Video)

Ladies and gentlemen, check out this video of best ever save in the history of football for you!

Here is the moment showing how a defender confidently clears a ball that supposed go into the net.

In the video which have gotten millions of views online have left many people speechless how did he clear that ball, this is the best ever clearance you will watch in football.

In the video making rounds online, is when an open wanted to score, he tap the ball pass the goalkeeper in what looks like the ball will enter, but unknowingly one of the defender ran to save the ball, he uses his leg to clear it from the touch line.

The ball came out, and the opponent shoot the ball again,while the defender was still struggling to get up ,throw himself on the ground again to make the final save.

This happened in a Russian League game. One of the greatest defensive clearances you wll ever see. In the video below, this is Pure insanity.

Watch The Video Below⤵

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