Lady In Tears As She Says No To Her Boyfriend In Public (Photos/Video)

This is really a shocking moment to the man after many years of dating her and he decided to propose to her only for his love to say no. Not even saying yes to avoid shaming the man, but beautiful lady decide to shame her boyfriend in public.

The lady said no, despite the cameras on her and people around there, she courageously said no to her man.

The beautiful lady was in tears as she left the man, this was a shocked to his fiancee who was left frustrated.

This has spark some reactions online, see below;
OluwaCjae @cjaeknowles “this is why you make sure y’all have a mutual agreement that y’all wanna get married FIRST before proposing in public. idc she wasn’t obligated to say yes and she didn’t have to “say yes for the cameras” either”.

eL Goate for President
@aosa_aon “She most definitely cheating any woman turning down a proposal has something happening on the side he took initiative and she said fuq it”

Ayanda Moyo @11Ayanda
“Respect her embarrassing him? All she had to say is yes then chat to him later. How can you back her, that’s actually mad. Plus engagement soesnt mean you have to get married there and then but 🐸☕”

@TVEMike__ “This might’ve been what he needed to become the Man he was meant to be”

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