Lady Seen Washing Plates By Roadside With "Gutter Water".(Video) -

Lady Seen Washing Plates By Roadside With “Gutter Water”.(Video)

A post shared by Dr.Kelechi Okoro, she wrote: “This is a video of a lady washing plates by the roadside with “gutter water”. Yes you heard right, gutter water!

If someone can wash plates with gutter water, then it is possible to do same with plastic bottles”.

Watch The Video Below⤵

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS ALSO ONE OF THOSE “SENT AS RECEIVED” BCs YOU RECEIVE ON WHATSAPP. I cannot confirm the source, but we can as well learn from it.

Drinks sold in previously used plastic bottles (Kunu,zobo, etc) may cause mild to severe gastroenteritis

— Dr Kelechi Okoro (@healthertainer) June 15, 2019

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