Man Accuses DELSUTH Surgeon Of Sabotaging His Mom’s Health Because Of Money

A distraught man has called out one of the surgeons at the Delta State University Teaching Hospital, for allegedly putting his mom at great risk because he wants them to take her to his private clinic.

Here is his claim: “Please help Publicize the kind of treatment they give to patients at Delta State Teaching Hospital.

My mom was referred there for a major on the 8/12/2018. Since then it has been one delay or the other. Finally, on the 6 March this year, the surgeon said my mum was ready for the surgery with the bill running over a Million naira, which, God willing, we were able to pay.

After making the payment on the 6th of March,2019, it has been one story or the other, ranging from faulty Ac in the theater, to faulty sterilizer and a host of other issues.

Even at a point, the surgeon was suggesting we go the private hospital he works and pay extra 1.5m naira which we refused after spending much in the teaching hospital. .

Finally yesterday 12/4/2019, he took my mum to the theater for the surgery, but half way into the surgery, he came out that one of the machines he was using was faulty and he had to stop the surgery left the hospital.

Both the surgeon and management of the hospital have left us like that after opening her body and infusing 5 of the crews and rods as against 10 leaving her lying helpless in the hospital.”

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