Man Did This To His Pregnant Wife In Front Of Their Child(Video)

The world have call for arrest of man in a viral video seen flogging his pregnant wife in front of their child.

In the viral video shared online was the moment a heartless man was captured flogging his pregnant wife outside the house.

In the video the woman who seems to be pregnant was seen lying on the ground n^ked while her husband was pouring her water at the process flogging her too.

The viral video has draw the attention of people calling for the man to be arrested for doing such thing in front of their child.

The cause of the Flogging is yet to be ascertained, According to some people who reacted to the video said ,

“In front of a child,this is wrong to let a child see his mum’s nakedness.this Man should face the law”

“Wait….she is even pregnant…
His balls should be placed on an anvil …and hit with an hammer the same number of times he hit this woman”..

May God Protect Our Mothers From This Kind Of Torture.

Watch The Video Below,

May God protect our mothers from this kind of torture.

— Nyeko Charles (@NyekoCharles6) April 28, 2020

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