Man Grab His Classmate Ass He Hasn't Seen For Long, Her Husband Reactions Will Shock You (Video) -

Man Grab His Classmate Ass He Hasn’t Seen For Long, Her Husband Reactions Will Shock You (Video)

The was a pandemonium as social media space went into crazy over a man reactions towards a guy that hugged his former classmate who he hasn’t seen for long.

In the viral video captured, the guy hugs his former class mate that he hasn’t seen for long in the presence of her husband, who happens to be a jealous type.

In the video, you can see the joy both of them had for seeing each other again after a long time. He decided to hug her the first time while the husband watches, he stopped and shook hands with the husband and returned back to hug the man’s wife again.

In the video the jealous husband couldn’t bear it anymore and decided to react after the guy grabbed his wife bum bum for the second time all in the name of hugging, the husband did something crazy that made people around to scream.

The husband stopped the guy, jack him up and throw him in one of the couch, it did not end there, he raised him up from the couch and throw him on the floor as both of them fell.

This has caused some frenzy reactions as many blamed the guy for hugging her too tight and grabbing her ass while some blame the husband for reacting bad.

See his reactions, Do you think the husband’s reaction is in order? Watch The Video Below and Judge Your Own.

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