Man pranks his girlfriend by pretending he had another girl at home and her reaction has Instagram users in stitches (video)

A man pranked his girlfriend by setting up a dummy to make it look like he had another woman in the house. The girlfriend’s reaction when she walked in will have you watching the video multiple times.

In the viral video, the man can be seen putting the dummy in place as he awaited the arrival of his girlfriend. He then lay back on a chair and waited until he heard her footsteps.

When he noticed she was approaching, he stood and got close to the dummy, touching it, as though he were fondling a woman.

His girlfriend walked in on this sight and didn’t miss a bit. She immediately leaped towards the man and the “side chick”, jumping them in one swift, athletic move. As she did, she raised her feet and kicked the dummy’s head.

Her quick reaction has amused Instagram users but what people find most amusing is the kick she aimed at the head of the “side chic”. Most said if the dummy were a real woman she would have suffered some serious injuries.

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