Man Shames His Girlfriend That Has A Burnt Ass, Recorded Her While She Was Asleep (Video)

In a viral video making rounds online shows the moment a Nigerian man decided to disgrace his girlfriend on social media recording her “burnt yansh” due to cream reactions while she was sleeping.

Some girls are just use to telling their man to off light whenever the visit their boyfriend so that their dirtiness and corocoro won’t be noticed when the light is on, that is the case of this girl.

According to the man while recording her, said;

See them, organic cream people, 50K, that have not treated infection, baby off the light nah them, see mumu, see as her yansh be like broken tiles, you no go go treat your infections before you infect me, he said….

The video which has gone viral have caused some missed reactions on the internet, see some of the reactions below,

“Very disgusting! If i were that lady, that’s the immediate end of whatever we had going”

“This guy no good, he can’t make heaven like this”

“If woman tell me baby off the night, we ain’t fucking again”

“And he still f*ck the burnt ass”


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