Meet The Adorable Chika Odili (Nigerian Lifestyle Entrepreneur), Pictures

Chika Odili is a Nigerian American, born and raised in Houston Texas and currently resides in New York. 

She is a beautiful, fun loving and fashion oriented entrepreneur with IG handle Davinchi__code. 
The amiable lady loves to travel the world, visit new places and most importantly sport opportunities for viable businesses in her adventure. 
Chika also has passion for healthcare and thus, is a licensed nurse practitioner.
She holds this as her philosophy that “People must seek to be healthy, wealthy and pretty”. 
These three variables sum up the different components of her interest: 

1. Be Healthy: She says this resonates with her nursing profession. As a licensed nurse she cares genuinely about the human wellbeing and loves to see everyone healthy and strong, she desires that people could learn to eat right and live right as to stay healthy. 
2. Be Wealthy: This part of her philosophy triggers the entrepreneurial side to her, it speaks of the need to be enterprising and proffer solutions to challenges for a fee. 
It urges people to find a means to do more, be more and earn more; and thus, encourages them to create necessary recourses for themselves to live life at its best. 

The business inclined professional further believes that individuals should endeavour to use their abilities, skills and talents to create some level of extra cash flow.
3. Be Pretty: The delectable business lady canvases for good looks. She believes that good health and wealth should be reflective in looks. 
A welled moist skin, good manicure and pedicure, embellished with a great hair do and suiting clothes would always be an added advantage.

Consequent on her above philosophy, the amazing Chika Odili had built her work and life interest in same direction. 
This necessitates her opting to working for and own a Medspa; an avenue where she believes she could evidentially carter for the health, fitness and looks of her clients while she gets paid. 
She further stated that the variables of health, wealth and looks are interwoven factors, and doing her passion in attending to the health, fitness and looks of her clients gives them the base to source wealth optimally.

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