Mercy VS Tacha: AY And Williams Uchemba Edition(Video)

This video will make you forget your problem, laugh wan kill me. Mercy VS Tacha: AY And Williams Uchemba Edition.

Top Nigerian comedian AY and Williams Uchemba mimic the moment Mercy and Tacha got into argument which led to Tacha being disqualified.

You will recall that Ta cha and Mercy set social media buzzing at early morning of Friday, September 27, 2019, Mercy and Tacha were engaged in a very heated word exchange as they said terrible things to each other.

Mercy pointed out that Tacha should take care of her body because she stinks and Tacha fired back that she did not need to get her body done to sleep around with men like Mercy.

At a point, Mercy who continued to mock Tacha as she was shouting flipped her hair in her face and Tacha yanked Mercy’s hair in reaction.

Their fight got so heated at a point that the male housemates had to intervene and take away any objects the ladies could have used to hurt themselves.

Comedian AY and Williams Uchemba has decided to recreate the moment Tacha and Mercy got into a heated argument.

Watch the video below,

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