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Brenda Anni Ataga Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wiki

Full Name Brenda Anni Ataga
Also Known As Brenda Ataga
Date of Birth December 13
Age 40+
State of Origin Edo State
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Christianity
Husband Michael Usifo Ataga
Children Four (4)
Occupation NNPC/Oil Worker
Net Worth $800,000

Biography and Wiki:
Who is Brenda Ataga Usifo? Brenda Ataga is the beautiful wife of Michael Usifo Ataga, a Nigerian billionaire, who was gruesomely stabbed to death, multiple times by his side chic, Chidinma Ojukwu, who has since been arrested.
Brenda is a gorgeous woman, a professional in the oil and gas sector who happens to be the mother of Ataga’s two children.
Date of Birth, Age:
How old is Brenda Ataga? Brenda Ataga was born on December 13th and details about her real age is not known. But Brenda should be in her 40+ age. This section will be updated when we find her actual year of birth and age.
Brenda Ataga Birthday:
Brenda Ataga celebrates her birthday every year on the 13th of December.
State of Origin:
Which state is Brenda Ataga from? Brenda Ataga originally hails from Edo state in the south southern part of Nigeria, Africa.

Educational Background:
Brenda Ataga Usifo graduated from the University of Lagos, where she bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Arts Administration. She also holds a degree in Business Management from Lincoln University and an LLM from the University of Salford, London.

Brenda Ataga Usifo Career:
 Brenda Usifo Ataga is the National Project Coordinator of the LPG Gas Expansion Programme, in the office of the Honorable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva.
She had previously served as the Special Adviser on Downstream and Infrastructure between 2015 and 2019.

She is a Mid/Downstream Commercial Strategist with over 15 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry and a 2018 Nominee of the prestigious Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu Fellowship.
Before being in public service, Brenda held key leadership positions in private sector, where she attained recognition as the first female and first under 30 to serve in the capacity of Supply Manager at OANDO PLC (West Africa).

Brenda Ataga Usifo Foundation:
Brenda also founded and seats on the board of a not-for-profit charity organization – True Foundation – which focuses on community and human capacity training for Women and Youths in barrios and IDP camps.
Married, Husband, Death:
Is Brenda Ataga married? Brenda Ataga got married to her husband, Michael Usifo Ataga, the Nigerian billionaire, who was gruesomely stabbed to death, multiple times by his side chic, Chidinma Ojukwu.

Brenda and Michael Usifo Ataga’s Children:
Brenda and husband, married was blessed with two lovely children.
Social Media Handle:
Brenda is on Instagram and Twitter, but has put her Instagram and Twitter account private after the news of her husband’s death.
Her Instagram and Twitter profile is @Brendaataga

Brenda Ataga Usifo Net Worth:
Brenda Ataga is one of the prominent member in NNPC, with an estimated net worth of about $800,000 US dollars.
Late Michael Usifo Ataga

Full Name Michael Usifo Ataga
State of Origin Edo State
Date of Birth June 17, 1971
Died  June 15, 2021
Age 50
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Christianity
Wife Brenda Ataga
Mother Sylvia Ataga
Occupation Entrepreneur/Tv Owner
Net Worth $5,000,000
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Michael Usifo Ataga Biography:
Michael Usifo Ataga is a Nigerian billionaire businessman and founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Super TV and a director in Super Network Limited.
Michael Usifo Ataga, was gruesomely stabbed to death, multiple times by his side chic, Chidinma Ojukwu, a 300 level University of Lagos.
Date of Birth and Age:
How old is Michael Usifo Ataga? Michael Usifo Ataga was born on the 17th June, 1971 and is currently 50 years old.
Michael Usifo Birthday:
Michael Usifo was meant to celebrate his birthday on the 17th of June 2021 before his untimely death.
Michael Usifo Ataga Death:
What killed Michael Usifo? Michael Usifo was killed by her side chick girlfriend in a hotel. He was born in June 17, 1971 died June 15, 2021. (17-06-1971–15-06-2021) age 50.

State Of Origin:
Which state is Michael Usifo Ataga from? Michael Usifo Ataga originally hails from Edo state in the south southern part of Nigeria.
Educational Background:
Michael Usifo Ataga is an alumnus of the University of Benin (UNIBEN)
Family, Parents and Mother:
Michael was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Ataga in Edo state. Her mother, Sylvia Ataga has cried out on Facebook over the death of her son.

They murdered my son, mother laments
Meanwhile, Sylvia Ataga, mother of the deceased had innocently taken to Facebook on 17 June, to celebrate the 50th birthday of her son.
“Happy golden birthday to my son Usifo. My son who gives me joy. May the rest of your life remain golden & all your lines fall in place. You are loved beyond measure & my prayer for you today is that God will take control of all your endeavours. The son who makes me happy! Congratulations on this milestone & God’s blessings always”.

However, unknown to her she was celebrating a son who was already dead.
She was celebrating a son whose lifestyle, choices and death would bring her great pain and sorrow in her old age.
It was on the same 17th June in Lagos, that the lifeless body of Usifo was found in an Airbnb facility, in Lekki phase One.
His Career:
Michael Usifo Ataga, is the Chief Executive Officer of Super TV, and a director in Super Network Limited, a telecoms firm.
Married, Wife and Children:
Is Michael Usifo Ataga married? Michael Usifo Ataga was married to his wife, Brenda Ataga and they are blessed with two beautiful children.

Michael Usifo Ataga Net Worth:
What’s Michael Usifo Ataga’s net worth? Michael Usifo is one of the prominent Television owner, with an estimated net worth of about $5,000,000 (million) US dollars.
How The Internet Buzzed Over The Death of Ataga:
The internet is abuzz over the controversial death of the CEO of Super TV, Mr. Micahel Usifo Ataga.
He was reported missing by concerned friends and family after all efforts to reach him proved abortive.
Checks at his Victoria Island office showed he wasn’t there either and this put everyone in a panic mode including his wife and children who reside in Abuja.

“Unfortunately, his lifeless body was found in a flat at Lekki phase 1 with multiple stab wounds also several suspicious withdrawals were made from his account.
How Close Friends Of Usifo Reacts:
Many of Ataga’s friends expressed shock as to how the side chic was able to pull the dastardly act all alone as Ataga was said to have been an amateur boxer who was very strong.
Some of his close friends debunked the claims, saying the deceased was murdered and not a philanderer.

One of the deceased’s friends who said he had known Ataga for 25 years 
said the deceased was on the verge of “one of the greatest breakthroughs Nigeria has ever seen” through his media establishment, Super TV, a mobile-enabled platform with two major telecommunication multinationals on board to create affordable subscription rates.
He added, “The circumstances under which he was murdered speak of torture. He wasn’t given one blow or shot once and left alone. There are multiple stab wounds on different parts of his body. It appears that someone was trying to get information out of him, and then the final (stab) in his neck was to take his life.
“Is it possible that someone wanted him out of the way? I’m not saying that is what happened. But he was a family man whose life was snuffed out needlessly. He came from a respectable family. Wednesday was his birthday.

Another friend, Rotimi Albert, whose relationship with Ataga began in 1982 at the Federal Government College, Warri, Delta State, and continued into the University of Benin and beyond, described him as a God-fearing, kind and loving man, who had a positive effect on the lives of everybody he came in contact with.

I stabbed Super TV CEO because of drugs, alcohol influence ― 300L Unilag student Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu.
21-year-old 300-level mass communication student of the University of Lagos, Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu, has revealed that she was high on drugs and alcohol when she attacked and stabbed Michael Usifo Ataga to death during their stay in a short-let apartment in Lagos.

According to Chidinma Adaora, who hails from Arochukwu in Abia State, “I met him about four months ago through a friend. But this was the first time we were staying together.”
Explaining further, Chidinma said: “He asked me to search online for a short-let apartment, I sent it to him and he said I should go check it out, which I did. He then paid for it. That was on 16th June, 2021.
“On Monday, we were together, drinking, smoking, we had fun together, later I went out to get food for both of us. Then on Tuesday, he was trying to make advances at me, I was tired but he became violent.
“Eventually, he got his way, which I let him. Towards afternoon we ordered for a smoke together that was what we took. We ate food, we became high, I wasn’t happy for the first one he did so I was sitting on my own.
“Smoking and drinking with my food. He was on the couch, later he came to me where I sat watching television and I told him I wasn’t happy with what he did in the first one. I told him, you don’t help or assist me but yet you just want to be playing with me around.

“He was like take my ATM card you can go and make withdraw what you want. He said the pin. I was like that is not what I mean, he became violent, trying to get to me and I was resisting and defending myself and at some point, he hit my head on the wall and I also retaliated. He was choking me when I was at the kitchen cabinet I lenned on, I stretched out to the knife and stabbed his neck.
“I attempted severally to leave when he became violent but he stopped me. Contrary to the rumour that I collected five million from his account, it was only N380,000.00 I withdrew from his account.
“I don’t have that kind of money in my account. I felt a lot after the incident even though I went home straight without reaching out to anyone. He was the one that gave me his ATM card and pin after I complained that he wasn’t taking care of me.”
“I wanted to use the money I withdrew from his account to pay my fees. He was the one that invited the drug guy, he is always having a smoke with him, so I don’t know if that was the first time.
“In the last four months I have known him, we haven’t gone out like this, we just met and then go to the house in Victoria Garden City.

“I felt disappointed when the police came to my parents’ house to arrest me. It was 9 pm when the police came and arrested me on Wednesday it was already very late. I live with my parents I told my parents that I was going for ushering job. I used to do freelance ushering jobs.”
She stated further that “I checked into the short-let apartment with a foreign number, not because I had it all planned out or I didn’t want to be traced.
“The foreign number was what I used in contacting the lady that is in charge of renting out the short let apartment. I used an app to generate the foreign number.”
“She cut off the artery that supplies blood through the neck, and also on his stomach. She apparently changed and left him there on Tuesday. The corpse wasn’t discovered until Wednesday when police evacuated and began the investigation.

“When the man didn’t come out on Tuesday, and Wednesday, the workers in charge of evacuating trash bins went in to carry out their normal duty and discovered that the apartment was a bit opened when they got in they discovered the victim in the pool of his blood with his underwear only.
“That was the beginning of the police investigation. Fortunately, on Wednesday, detectives were able to track her and got her arrested.
“The Police were able to recover his driver’s license, complimentary cards, her bags, clothes, and some personal effects that the man came with.
“Also, the clothes she wore while the fight was ongoing which was fully soaked with the man’s stained blood were recovered.”
It’s a sad and shameful death. so disappointing to his family (wife, children, Siblings and mother) 
Think again before you go a-cheating; a side partner is as stupid, cruel, cold blooded, and thoughtless as you. IT TAKES TWO TO PLAY THE GAME. Always remember that.

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