Nancy Isime’s Alleged Sugar Daddy Called Out For Debts, Investing Staff’s Salary On Actress’ Plastic Surgery

Alleged sugar daddy of popular Nollywood actress called out by staff over unpaid salary while bankrolling Nancy Isime.

This comes weeks after Nancy Isime was exposed for having an affair with a married man which caught many fans unaware.

In a new development, the controversial blogger that exposed their affair added that a staff of the businessman pointed out that he is owing them salaries.

The blogger wrote in a post;

“If I talk them go say I too talk😂😂😂😂Nancy Isime talk to your sugar daddy to pay his staffs salary ooo, Na the investors i come pity pass now, so staffs sef know say this sc@mmer wey call himself UK dion Dey knack Nancy, yeye set of people debunking up and down, tueh🤮🤮he don carry all the money give Nancy to go do yansh, investors sorry oooo, Na una know why una Dey invest with woman wrapper, people work for you from on the 1st to 30 and they are deprived of their salary, no be ment, that Nancy jumping about like earthworm wey them pour salt😂😂doing damage control up and down, Beutiful liar, well una fit code am reach where we won’t lay our hands on evidence.

But with time w go clear pass Dstv😂😂😂talk to your man friend to pay his staffs before thunder gather str!ke the two of una. I come in peace.”

Nancy Isime’s alleged sugar daddy called out for debts, investing staff’s salary on actress’ plastic surgery

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