Nigeria Man Killed By Arabs Over Cigarette In France(Video)

Here is the video showing the moment a Nigeria man was killed by Arabs over Cigarette in France.

This is a disturbibg video, a post shared by and IG user, wrote: “Look at our Nigeria brother, he was killed by Arab people just because he beged an Arab man cigarette so the man started insulting him! When he try to insult the man back then his fellow Arab joined him.

That was how they beat the Nigeria guy mercilessly that lead to his death? those of u that love smoke more dan any other things please quit or stop begging for it if you can’t quit.

Please my fellow Nigeria that’s in abroad, if know that you can not afford to buy your self cigarette please stop smoking# now look at how he died just because of smoke R.i.p bro This incident happened at Marseille France 24th August 2019 I am sure that many Nigerians living in Marseille France are not aware of this”.

Watch The Video Below⤵⤵

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