Nigerian Cross Dresser JP Blush Exposes Bobrisky On IG, Says Bobrisky Has A Very Strong Body Odour(Video)

 Nigerian Cross Dresser JP Blush exposes Bobrisky on instagram says Bobrisky was thrown out of tiannah Empire.

Jp blush further stated that he  “bobrisky smells, that he has a very strong body odour that sticks on clothes, that  he was also mixing hypo with Tiannah’s bleaching cream and selling it to people and that was why she arrested him” .

Jp Blush dishes more on Bobrisky  , saying :

“Bobrisky you are a failed transgender, Instagram has denied you verification the same way your mother denied you in life, You are living s disfigured life you claim to be a millionaire and lied to the entire world that your mother is dead while in reality she is still alive and she is a petty trader suffering in magodo”.

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