Nigerian Man Calls On The Nigerian Authorities To Arrest Bobrisky Immediately Before He Corrupts Our Kids(Pics)

According to the man he said that, “I thereby call on the Nigerian authorities to arrest Bobrisky with immediate effect before he corrupts our kids”.

He further urge “Bobrisky to go to a place where is accepted, that Nigerian will never accept you, you can never come through the back door and think it can be accepted”.

That that is why he prayed his voice should be heard to arrest Bobrisky before it is too late. That he don’t know why Bobrisky come out with full confidence and said he want to be address as a lady.

The Nigerian Man in serious anger has officially initiates the process to get Bobrisky arrested and sentenced o 14years imprisonment!!

See Reactions Below, Watch Video After Cut,

Watch Full Video Here as the man fumes in anger.

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  1. Useless frustrated old fool is the poor guy ur problem if u need to show ur anger and frustration why dont u face the government.why bobrisky this his private life its shouldn't be ur problem he never force any one to join him so stop this cheap puplarity if u want farm go work for it dont use him to gain it he is not the only one or is it cos he is rich that's why u pick him face ur government not him

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