Nigerian Man Went To Juju To Fight His Money Being Owe Him By Chinese Man(Video)

Nigerian man who is doing business in China go extra miles to fight for his money being owed him by Chinese man.

According to the native doctor, he said the young man came to him and told him that there’s a man owing him in China about N46-50 million, that whenever he ask for his money the Chinese man will threaten him with police because he is in their country.

The Nigerian man send message to him that he will go to juju and fight him for his money but the Chinese man did not say anything.

He decided to come back home and meet with this native doctor to make the Chinese man pay him his money.

The native doctor was seen doing some incantation “go to China and hold Li Tai Yu to release N50 Million Naira he stoled from this igbo man.

He said his charm should go to China and hold Li Tai Yu(or Lucky is his another name) that his charm should hold him in the morning, afternoon and evening and where ever Li Tai Yu goes.


That Li Tai Yu whether you are in a secret society that makes you to hold an Igbo man N50million that he is going to vomit it now.

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