Nigerian Woman In Canada Cries Out, Says Things Are Very Hard For Her And His Son(Pics)

This Nigerian woman in Canada was interviewed by a journalist , she state the reasons why she left Nigeria for Canada.

She was ask why did she leave Nigeria for Canada, She said that she came here to have a good life, that she went to school “York University” that she had a job the job finished that she have not been able to get a new job.

That things are very very hard for her and his son.

She cries out that she left Nigeria to come to Canada because the Economy at is very bad.

But, I think the journalist interviewing this woman is being Racist,because he keep asking her about Nigeria and Africa, why we Africans keep running away from our country to come and live with a white people.

The woman answered and said, the government is bad, that the are a lot of corruption in the government.

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