Nimi Nwofor Biography, Age, Husband, Instagram, Net Worth, Height, Birthday & Children.

Pictures: Meet Nimi Nwofor Biography, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Family, Parents, Children, Date of Birth, Birthday, Instagram, Tiktok, State of Origin, Wikipedia, Height.

Who Is Nimi Nwofor?
Nimi Nwofor is a popular renowned fashion enthusiast, stylist, self model, brand influencer and fashion influencer based in Abuja and married to a well-known Nigerian lawyer Beluolisa Nwofor, the lawyer to the former Rivers, Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi.

The mother of 6 is stylish, beautiful and stunning considering she has 5 adorable biological children and 1 inherited, but you cannot know this through her looks, stature and curves.

God specially created her and she has added her own beauty to complement it. She is just a super stunner, a fashionista who dominates a big empire on Instagram. When you go through Nimi’s Instagram pictures, you will no doubt agree that she is simply a queen of fashion.

Date of Birth, Birthday, Age:
How old Is Nimi Nwofor? Nimi Nwofor was born on the 10th of July, 1980. The queen of fashion recently celebrate her 40th birthday. You can see how beautiful she is even at 40 with 5 children she is still staying.

State of Origin, Home Town:
Which state is Nimi Nwofor? Nimi Nwofor is from Rivers State, Nigeria.

Relationship Status:
Is Nimi Nwofor married? Nimi Nwofor is currently married with 5 biological children and one inherited child.

Marriage, Husband:
Nimi Nwofor is married to Beluolisa Nwofor. Beluolisa Nwofor biography, he is a well -known Nigeria lawyer and lawyer to former Rivers state Governor, Rotimi Amaechi.

Her Career:
Nimi Nwofor is a fashion influencer, fashion enthusiast and self model. She has her own fashion store known as NIMS Collection.

Instagram Page:
Nimi Nwofor is an Instagram star and celebrity fashionista, Known for sharing her stunning pictures on her Instagram account. She has over 140K followers on her Instagram profile. See her Instagram handle @Nimsdefabulouss

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Her Net Worth:
Nimi Nwofor is rated as one of the beautiful, richest and most influential Instagram influencer and celebrity stylist. She earns her money through her business collection and brand influencing. Nimi Nwofor is said to be worth $300,000 U.S. dollars.

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